Fishing jig

Fishing jig baits is very interesting and varied, but at the same time, it is extremely difficult and requires a spinning high perseverance, experience and ingenuity.

Jig baits have long conquered the Russian fishermen are not going to take the position, they have many advantages over lures, wobblers and other spinning baits. But before you run to the store for silicone baits need to check your tackle.

Spinning must be fast or very fast action, with a length of not less than 2.1 m and have a soft tip. The coil needs to be baitcasting or spinning, but most importantly, it is well tolerated heavy loads. In place of mono fishing line should be wound braided cord, otherwise you will be not absolutely correct to hold the bait and to pass the greater part of the strikes. Yes, all this will have to spend some money, but most lures are much cheaper spinners or crankbaits.

Now let’s look at the bait. It is a hook with a cargo that represent a single unit, or separately secured with a hook, then the leash, and then only freight. Each option has its own interest and it depends on the play of the lure. The hook itself is mounted with silicone fish vibrohvost or anything else, it all depends on your imagination. The main thing here is to choose a weight suitable for the test rods. To impose salikoko on the hook. It is better to procure several variants-one with an open hook and the other with closed. Enclosed hook allows you to sh in zakoryazhennyh places or areas of the reservoir where a lot of vegetation, not afraid of hooks. However, even with a careful bite, if you properly strike the fish, the hook will be released from the body of the lure and cut his lip the fish. In addition, not uncommon are cases when the fish are willing to bite on a closed hook.

Posting to the jig is selected based on the fishing conditions, but the main base is always the same, the only difference is in nuances, but they are quite substantial. The transaction should be stepped. Let’s see how is the most simple and classic step transaction, which under force even to the beginner. So, after we dropped bait, we let her sink to the bottom. Then a slight jerk of a spinning pick it up and do a couple of turns of the coil. Then waiting for the bait to fall again to the bottom, to understand that the bait has fallen is very simple, it will inform you the tip of the spinning, which is a little jerk. This allows you to not only learn how to control equipment to explore the bottom relief, which is very useful. This posting we will carry to the shore. It should be noted that fish bite most often at the time of the fall of the lure, or right after it touches the bottom. This wiring can be performed in the water column and even at the surface, sometimes you can just pull the rod tip and then reel to restore the tension of the fishing line, it all depends on your imagination, but the essence remains the same – you mimic the behavior of a wounded fish. It awakens the instincts of the predator, and may provoke a bite, not even a hungry fish.

A huge variety of lures allows you to choose the efficient option for all conditions, and a variety of transactions gives you the opportunity to develop your own unique style. In any case, the jig lure is a real gift for every fisherman.


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