Fishing in winter: properly dressed.

To fishing in the winter brought not only the results expressed a good catch, but also a great pleasure, you need to carefully prepare and assemble the necessary clothing, which must keep warm, absorb sweat, which evaporates.

One of the main qualities of clothing for fishing, is a function of protection from wind, moisture. And with all this clothing should be loose, not to interfere with the movements of the fisherman, allowing a free circulation of the blood in his body.

1.Make sure you choose not only clothes and underwear. Lingerie must be made of natural materials – linen or cotton. The best option is to select a traditional vest, the best qualities which have long been tested. It is hardly necessary to wear new clothes, better if it is fairly used and well washed before fishing. Experienced fishermen know that on top of underwear you have to wear a «mesh, and woven ropes, which have the softness and thickness of approximately five millimeters.

It is necessary to create a layer of air between the warm upper clothing and soft underwear. Dressed this way, people can easily move in quite comfortable attire that does not hinder movement even sweating does not cause discomfort because perfectly arranged ventilation prevents sticking of clothes to body. The air layer provides warmth even at very low temperatures, but that’s not all its useful qualities.

At minimal weight mesh also protects from heat but also from the attacks of insects during the summer. A warm woolen sweater and pants on top of the mesh will be very relevant. The sweater must have a high gate, well closes the neck, and the material for the pants should be thick, and dense waterproof fabric, which, moreover, is not blown by the wind.

Remember the experience of our ancestors, who never wore pants in their fur, which is suited only for coats and hats. This allowed us to feel very comfortable in the fur coat to toe, but fur trousers would lead to sweating, which is unacceptable and dangerous while fishing. Normally, for a sweater to put on a jacket, fastened to the floors which additional lengthen their details, which well protect the fisherman from chilly wind.

This part of the jacket is easy to unfasten, it will not take much space in your backpack, because additional floors can be rolled into a roll. Requirement to the jacket such lightness, impermeability, thermal insulation, its length must cover the mid thigh. In this case, the chicken will not interfere with free movements. And sometimes it can be used even as a seat.


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