Fishing in the summer «red»

The great classic of Russian literature Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin has the following lines on this time of year:

«Oh, summer red, I would have loved you,

If not for the dust and heat, no mosquitoes, Yes flies…»

In one of the classic films of the Soviet cinema, our contemporary by Eldar Ryazanov the song, in which he argued that nature simply can not be bad weather, each weather – grace. «Yeah, probably! – smiling fishermen. – Try-ka in the July heat fish to catch!» It turns out that this is which side to look…

July – the second month of summer, which is characterized by the most stable and high temperature of air and water. Water «blooming», that is massively develop microscopic algae in the river and lake. In a small pond, a development under appropriate conditions, can be very fast and to take several weeks. Then the algae die, they begin to decline. Fish is sick and stops pecking. In some bodies of water can occur even fish mortality.

The best time for fishing – morning, evening and night. Hot, sultry day, the fish become inactive and ceases to peck. Cloudy, warm day with intermittent rain and mild wind, the fish caught all day. On a hot day fishing in the rapids and shallows of the market, in the transaction, and «alloy».

August is the month of ripening and harvesting of crops. Often falls in the morning fog. Gradually decreasing the temperature at night, and this is especially noticeable at the end of the summer. The cold morning dew.

Fishing conditions until mid-August do not have differences with the July. The second half of the month brings some changes. The perch bite better on the small bait fish, on the track and spinning. Especially «trying» striped «robber», who lives in the lake or reservoir. River IDE and Chub willingly take on a little frog. Often the bait incites to action pike and perch.

Well caught carp. A good result when fishing for roaches is the use of the skate as bait when fishing takes place on the area covered by aquatic vegetation. Gradually fade, and later completely stops biting Lin.

The night becomes longer. Midnight now not bite no fish. By the end of August the water cools, killing the microscopic algae, the waters become more transparent. Approaching autumn.

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