Fishing in the spring

At the end of March, when the upper water layers warmed, well caught this kind of fish, like perch, pike and Chub. In the spring to fish, you need a depth of about five meters, because the water is not fully warmed up.

The best places to catch fish this pit at the bottom, submerged logs, etc.

For the most successful fishing using the bait of animal origin (bloodworm, maggot, worm) . Of course, the fishermen in the spring used as bait bloodworms, special attention when choosing bloodworms, turn on its color and mobility. Bloodworms should have dark red color and to be constantly in motion. For bait use chopped worms, corn, maggots. The bait on the fishing spot, it is desirable to scatter in advance (the evening dropped, and in the morning start fishing).


In March we can hope to catch such fish as perch, pike, Chub, carp, roach, carp and t, d, When using a float fishing rod with a bait of worms or bloodworms, well caught roach, bream, white bream.

When using lures with nozzles of the same bloodworms, worms and small fry caught pike, perch, IDE and pike.

The most interesting fishing begins in March in large rivers, during normal weather on large reservoirs and lakes, the bite increases.


In April very good the fish are biting white rocks, as the fish starts to feed before spawning. Also not inferior in a good bite, the fish are predatory species. The evening and morning at a depth of about five meters on a good trolling for big perch and pike. Night begins to bite burbot.

In small streams with clear water caught in the wiring IDE, bream, large minnows. In the rivers in late April, when the water became transparent the fishing with the spinning rod.


In may, starts biting redfin, catfish starts to bite. On very large rivers, reservoirs, lakes to catch the best use the spinning bait from a dung worm and small fry.

In the second half of may as bait for catching roach and other fish species, you can use the greens. Also fish from rafts and boats using jigs. Fishing for fish from the shore, the fishing place you need to advance to lure, tackle better to use a long rod.

In may, the biting stops spawning fish continue to peck at the fish preparing to spawn.

In late may, the spring season of fishing stops, but starts great summer time fishing.

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