Fishing in the spring. Fishing for pike and perch

With the onset of spring comes the longed-for time for fishermen missing long enough in winter, good fishing and preparing for fishing for these trophies. Fishermen pre-prepared gear for the spring fishing and looking forward to the first water.

When the ice begins to melt, and the sun, the fish emerges from the long winter stupor and begin to actively search for food. After long-term anoxia under ice for fish is committed to fresh, oxygen-rich water. Such places in the spring are where streams and small rivers flow into the reservoir.

It is in such places spring fishing can be successful. Early spring activity is not shown, only fish belong to the thermophilic — carp, bream, tench, carp.

The pike fishing in the spring

In the month of March become active pike, which begin to feed intensively, despite the fact that the pond is almost completely covered with ice.

At such moments, the predator-pike usually catches on everything that can move. Fishing for pike in the spring can begin after the melting of the ice. Fishing for pike in the spring can be performed by any bait – kalabalak and turntables, wobblers and twisters, cuttings and many other delights. The most suitable tackle for pike in the spring is spinning.

The beginning of the spring fishing comes at a time when the pike have finished spawning and is in a weakened state. When hunting in this period, the pike prefers small fish, but trying to catch big fish. Such behavior, pike makes a suitable use for pike in the spring are small lures that have a size of no more than three to five centimeters.

For pike in the spring it is best to use a solid rod, in length from two and a half to four meters, equipped with a spinning reel. The rod should have a soft tip, which is capable of very sensitive control of the tackle. Coil spring for pike fishing must have a strong clutch and easy the vanishing line. Equipment necessary for fishing line diameter of 0.3-0.4 millimeter. On the line you need to fix the tungsten leads to the attack of the pike couldn’t eat.

During uniform wiring in the shallow waters often occur hooks, so catch pike in the spring it is better to perform quick transaction, where the hungry pike, usually, fast attack.

Very important when fishing in the spring to know where to feed and rest that pike likes best. A favorite spot of pike has garagiste quiet places. It is in such places spring fishing for pike can give a good catch, and not on an open net space.

Perch fishing in the spring

For bass fishing in the spring, you first need to identify the prospective place of fishing, because after the winter bass are inactive. At this time, the bass chooses places with fairly deep pits that are away from the mainstream. In the pits the perch eats a variety of organisms and larvae.

Sea bass fishing in spring requires the use of a light rod has a light coil and the soft tip, which is required for better control of the lure. As bait when fishing for perch in the spring you can use vibrohvosta wobblers and twisters. Experienced fishermen recommend the use of silver or yellow lures, having a length of not more than five centimeters.

For spring bass fishing best suited places with differences of depths. Here you are likely to find the flock perch. For perch in the spring is first necessary to probe the bottom of the reservoir with silicone bait to identify possible snags. You can then use the Wobbler, the right game which usually leads to the attack of a predator.

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