Fishing in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Nizhny Novgorod oblast is very rich in fishing lakes, ponds and rivers. But today we should talk not about the entire region, but one area, namely, we will focus on the Buturlino district of Nizhny Novgorod region. This area is located about 150 km from Nizhny Novgorod. Fishing ponds in this area a lot, there is also a lake Red, which is very well caught a big carp rotan in the winter time there is very good. But let’s start everything in order.

Lake Carinae is located in Buturlino district of Nizhny Novgorod region, about 30 km South from the centre of the City. There are many different types of fish, as very close to the river Drunk, spilling water from the river in large volume into the lake, along with this water comes a huge number of different river fish. But that’s not the point, mostly there to catch carp and Amur sleeper, this lake and popular. Carp caught there up to 3 pounds, such instances are certainly not often occur, but individuals 500-900 grams can be caught in one morning more than a dozen. Almost all summer large carp takes is a little break when it starts to bite a trifle, or even the biting stops, but these breaks are not long. On warm days, Sunny, carp lake caught almost the entire day, usually begins to bite in the early morning, lasts till lunch, then a short break and after lunch, the biting starts again, can continue into the night. Caught mainly on worm or maggots, of vegetable baits here do not work. But catching carp is best from a boat, from the shore very difficult to fish the lake too much grows off the coast of algae, and the Bank is also overgrown with bushes and trees, as the lake is in a forest and no one it does not watch, does not clean. But the fishermen do not stop it, they always find a convenient place, swim out to the boats looking for a window among thickets of algae. Travel fishermen are always happy, always with a catch.

As for Rotana, in the summer it very rarely bite, and if it begins to bite, it was mostly very small. But as soon as the freeze-up, this slave with a big head begins to bite greedily at almost everything that smells like meat. His first ice you can catch even a worm on a plain, sausage, bacon, any meat. Peck can almost to mid-December or even until January.

The lake is and river Belle such as roach, Rudd, skimmers, since, bream. From time to time these types of fish also polevault, but very rarely, only when there is a severe famine. There are pike but catch her in there is problematic, since so many thickets and spinningoff because of this there is uncomfortable.

In Buturlino district of Nizhny Novgorod region there is still the famous river Drunk. The river, of course, small and shallow, in some places very shallow, even on a motor boat to sail is problematic, you can screw the bottom to catch. But there are deep places where the depth is greater than three meters, for this kind of the river’s normal depth.

Fishing can be Drunk simply from the heart. In August the river come fans of fishing lures, it’s takes a good pike. You can catch pike up to 5 kg, but this rarely, mostly caught pike from 700 g to 2 kg. Basically takes pike is not on the pits, and the coast, where a large accumulation of snags and Lily pads. Water lilies on the river in some places very much, even the bait is impossible to carry out. Take a predator very well on yellow silicone fish especially if the fish has a red tail. Can be caught on spoons lures white, even yellow. Also caught on surface lures, poppers, along the quiet backwaters where the current is almost quenched.

Belle on the river begins to bite in the middle of may and almost all summer is nice and calm, the bite fades away in August, but in September may again recover. Bream begins to bite in may, as warm water, turbidity after floods descend. In the spring of bream on Drunk bite off the coast, closer to Jun goes into the pit and is caught exclusively in the pits. Caught mostly on Nightcrawlers or manure worm, manure worms should stick a bundle of several pieces.

In General, in Buturlino district to fishing with great success. Impressions will be quite a lot.

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