Fishing in the fall

Autumn is such a season that in different places of our country is different, and thus the feeding of fish at this time depends on many factors such as changing weather conditions , temperature, air heating and water condition. In this regard, the behavior of the fish is constantly changing.

In the early autumn in September, active fish, with a sharp decrease in the temperature of the water stops to peck at: tench ,crucian carp and other fish species. At the end of September stop to peck at such fish as catfish, Rudd.

With the onset of October, well pecking, such inhabitants of rivers and lakes as burbot, perch, ruff and pike. Large specimens of bream go in the pit for the winter.

And the month of November, the worst time catching freshwater fish in any region of the country. But there are some fish species that do not stop to be caught with a significant decrease of air temperature and water are perch, burbot and less active pike and walleye. But the situation changes dramatically after the first ice, from that moment, the time of fishing for the lovers of winter fishing .

In the autumn the fish can be caught on feeder tackle and donkey. In the summer in certain places, bream ate at intermediate depths, during the fall it is more concentrated in the lower layers of water , where he finds the wintering holes and continues to feed. Just fall, most often, you can catch trophy instance bream. Before the water from freezing all the bream will be plunged into their wintering holes. Going on a fishing trip in the fall should know that the greatest changes in the biting fish occur in these ponds, where there is no current. While in warm weather, then virtually no substantial change in the bite of any fish, and fishermen continue to sh favorite places, the usual summer gear. Predators usually catch on spinning tackle from shore or from a boat. This trip is no different from summer.

Much more interesting will be fishing in the autumn, when the temperature indicator of the water will decrease to the level of 10-12 degrees. With this decrease in the temperature of water in all reservoirs produce the descent of the water , so all fish is in this period of time in the riverbed, in the deepest places of the reservoir.

Fishing on spinning in the fall it becomes easier, because there is no need to know the location of the split point, you just need to swim on the boat in the middle of the channel to sh and drop offs on all sides. Simple jig tackle ,bait from rolling in the direction that will bring a good result. Predators — pike, perch will take the bait, or on the outer edge, or on the bottom.

Perch first the autumn when the reservoirs warm water, actively feeds on small fish, with decreasing of water temperature floats on the deeper locations, while continuing to feed.

Also in the fall, well caught the predator on live bait. Fishing either from shore, also using boats on a fishing rod with a float, it is important that the float got to the part of the channel. In addition, predatory fish during the fall are caught in circles, but in appropriate weather conditions, if a lot of circles and the wind is strong, the fishing becomes very difficult. Well proved at catching of a predator, imitation fish – flyer, which set near shallow water and close to reeds.

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