Fishing in the Crimea

Recently, the Crimean Peninsula became one of the favourite resort places. And a considerable part of guests arrives there is not so much to rest, how much to fish. On the territory of Crimea is relatively little freshwater rivers and lakes, but the abundance of species in her fish will please any fishing enthusiast.


In the freshwater part of the Peninsula fishermen prefer to fish on the reservoirs, lakes and ponds. It created a lot of professional and sports hunting and fishing associations, who use their skills in the private lakes of the Crimea. Most welcome on the Crimean coast have carp, bream, perch, carp and pike. And in the mountains, if you try, you will be able to catch trout. However, we must understand that chasing mega-fishes there is no point, but fishing in the fun by getting it not only from capture, but from the beauty of nature and just sitting around the campfire… for example, near Saki is a small but picturesque lake Mikhaylovskoye. This is a private lake where you can for a very reasonable fee to enjoy all the charm of fishing.

Fishing on the Azov coast

For lovers of sea fishing there is Paradise. The abundance of fish just lures in the area. Fishing can occur in all sorts of ways: as with Motorboats and from the pier or shore. The main and favorite fish lovers there is the flounder, Azov goby, mullet and pilengas. A tour Desk can organise excursions under the eloquent title «the fishermen happy.» Of course, you will have the opportunity to rent boats, tackle, and plenty of valuable advice on fishing from experienced fishermen.

Fishing on the black sea coast

There is also a universal place for fishing. For example, in September, when the ban on catching mullet, the whole beach, and the surrounding piers are simply «covered» by the fishermen. They spend 8-10 hours on the beach. However, prefer to catch directly into the sea not far behind. Also there lives a sea bass, mackerel, bluefish.

The southern part of the coast.

It is located from Alushta to Sevastopol itself. In this area an abundance of marine rocks protruding above the water and give opportunities to fish directly from them. But more than the global catch of course, you can get fishing with inflatable boats Il. Of them are easily caught many species of fish, such as goatfish, grouper, mackerel, sea Fox (a type of Stingray). Off the coast there are zelenuha, fish, small groupers, dogs and every other little thing.

On the South coast there are a lot of sports and yacht clubs that will offer you the excitement of saltwater fishing. Professionals club will provide you with all the necessary equipment to teach and tell how to fish in the sea.

West edge.

The most famous fishing spot in this area is the rocky coast of Cape Tarkhankut and Ganguly. You can catch from the shore and piers or boats. In the season when the ban on the catch of mullet in these places attracts all admirers of this species of fish.

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