Fishing in September

With the onset of the first autumn frosts, the water becomes more transparent and the number of natural feeds is greatly reduced. All this naturally affects the behavior of the fish. So fishing in September for the more adventurous and active.

At this time fishing requires drastic changes in the fishing tactics. Gear remain virtually the same, but the selection of bait and location of fishing should be changed. In September almost all fish in search of nutritious food is actively walks at different depths. So, to lure her to the place Your fishing very difficult. The process of selection of flavors should be approached with extreme caution, and should use them in moderation. Differing from the summer, in autumn different strong aromas of alarming the fish. More effective way will be to use these baits like maggots or bloodworm.

As mentioned earlier, fishing in September, involves a radical change of nozzles. This is the best time to catch bait live origin. This can be a variety of worms, moths, larvae, or maggots. For catching predatory fish as bait is recommended to use a small frog.

In the early fall when fishing any kind of fish is not worth it, stay too long in one place. Fish should be found in different places. It is best to catch for long-range casting or from the boat. The most successful sites are considered to be deep holes or sharp changes in depth. In such places, maybe You get lucky, in pretty decent trophy.

In early September, much worse than starting to bite catfish. Loved all Rudd goes on deep pits and comes out only on very hot days, mostly in the middle of the day. Carp also in this respect is no exception. Night and morning he sits on the depth, and goes out toward the afternoon, when the water warms up a little.

In the early fall when fishing for bream you need to focus on the water temperature. The smaller it is, the worse will be caught this fish. Fishing in September is good because the fishermen are more likely to catch a big bream.

Especially September is famous for the fact that it is being actively begins to take a predator. For example, Zander goes with summer feeding and in search of larger prey walks at depth. Best of all, he takes on the live bait. Also, not bad, he is a spinner. For catching small animals it is best to use the worm.

More actively begins to take perch. Usually catch it on a small live bait, using a ground rod, or spinning rod with a float. As for lures, in contrast to walleye fishing, bass prefer smaller baits.

For all spinnings September is the beginning of a pike. Spinning the best attachment is considered a dead fish. Also you can catch pike on mugs. In some places this method of fishing is much popular than all other types of pike. Allowed to place a dead fish you can use the frog.

Also fishing in September is famous for cool, active fish such as Chub, IDE and grayling. These fish prefer live bait. For this fit a small fish or a worm. In the autumn, in a place with predators, peaceful fish species also are switching to more nutritious food.

Also at this time begins active zhor and in the same of all known fish like roach. For catching him, you need to use a small worm or Motyl. Also suitable for maggot. Bait at this time it is better not to use it.


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