Fishing in October

The first decade of October has quite warm weather, so fishing during this period is no different from September. However, since the middle of the month, everything changes: the temperature drops, appear morning frosts, frequent rainy and cloudy days. Coastal shallows at this time become lethargic. And early in the morning or late in the evening calm surface of the water does not bother any one surge.

As you know, the decrease in air temperature increases water transparency in the reservoirs. And this, in turn, affects the behavior of most species of fish. Their activity is greatly reduced, so they move to the deeper parts. This means that the angler in this period will have to arm a feeder. This rigging will allow you to fish at a great distance from the shore. But with a float rod also should not give up – it is perfect for waters where greater depth starts at the coast and not far from the whirlpools near the dam.

If October was warm, the fish can return to their summer Parking. However, fishing is now different later cool (from 9 am to sunset), and therefore the fishermen do not have to get up very early.

Significantly improve the performance of the October fishing using bait. The thing to remember is that the bait is not suitable for it. Strong sweet taste in cold water may scare off suspicious fish, and not to involve her. In October the bait it is advisable to add components with the aroma of «animal origin». This is the perfect dry blood, fish and bone meal and also purchase sprays, based on extracts of worms, molluscs, bloodworm or maggots.

Increased water clarity and reduced the activity of the inhabitants of reservoirs require the selection of the most delicate tooling. We are talking, primarily, about the diameter and the sensitivity of the float. The hook is the best way to replace a jig. Without considering these nuances, the October fishing is unlikely to take place successfully.

A good nibble on deep lakes occurs mainly in the rare Sunny and warm days. Fish at this time biting on any of the nozzles from both the animal and vegetable origin. However, the summer vegetable nozzle gradually recede, giving way to the nozzles of an animal origin – worms, bloodworms, maggots, a frog and baitfish.

In the smaller streams you can catch bleak, gudgeon, white bream and ruffe. But the bigger fish with the onset of October, these places leave, preferring to stay at depth. Roll catfish in wintering holes, and bronze lines start to dig in the mud. Biting in October, white fish, such as bream, much worse. At night from the bottom of the well bite burbot. As bait in this case is perfect for a minnow, Nightcrawlers and the frog. In small lakes and ponds are still caught roach and carp on maggots or bloodworms.

But autumn zhor predators (walleye, perch, pike, burbot) continues, especially in the depths. During frosts the pike are easier to catch and track circles for live bait. That she need to pay close attention to the October fishing. Perch in early October rather passive. However, at the end of the month, the bite is much aktiviziruyutsya. Under the fallen leaves of the forest creeks and lakes that lie in a continuous layer on the surface of the pond, still walk chubs and communication. If you manage to throw the hook with bait so that it came under this layer, the bite you provided!

When fishing in shallow water should take care of disguise, after all, in the cold clear water fish sees the angler that can negatively impact the efficiency of fishing.

In short, October can be considered transition summer fishing in the autumn. Although it is not the most comfortable due to the difficult weather conditions, but can be very effective.

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