Fishing in November

Fishing in November can be done in both summer and winter gear. It is a period of gradual transition to ice fishing. In Northern latitudes many lakes per night flecked with a thin crust of ice, but in late November, in small closed water bodies gets solid ice.

Large pools due to the large heat capacity for a long time remain open. In November shows a great activity of predatory fish, the height of her fishing.

The maximum interest in the Fisher pike. Her feeding period is not yet over and by the intensity of it is almost equal to the pre-spawning. Catch a predator live bait bucket, trolling, circles. However, the most exciting and interesting still spinning fishing.

Realization of various existing spinning bait confuse even the most experienced angler, and the newcomers and say no. However, to correctly Orient is still possible.

First and foremost, attention should be drawn to larger lures: the predator before the winter proper food, she’s trying to fatten fat, so lots of loot it will attract stronger. Among the variety of lures is advisable to choose the «KranK», as it especially works well on the pike. They are often used in the process of finding fish, and for the passive species should stay on the lure type «shad».

Except for crankbaits most fishermen use large spinning lures and big-eared cargo baits from silicone. Choosing artificial bait, you should consider some nuances that depend on the specific characteristics of the pool, good luck pike.

To get pike, it is necessary to gather early in the morning, with the expectation while after sunrise. First, exploit the deepest places, such as a flooded riverbed, the edge, the edges of the pits. Towards noon, the predator visits the shallows: most often it can be found in the reedbeds.

Quite enticing in November and hunting perches. He goes astray in large shoals and violently hunts for fish. Similarly, the pike, the maximum activity coincides at noon. The water has time to warm up a little, and small fish approaches the shores to bask. After her flock to predators.

For walleye, use a jig bait. Catch him in the deep places, as in November, not stranded out. Zhor he is much weaker than other predators, but a good catch can be expected.

Gradually towards the end of the month reduced biting activity and predators.

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