Fishing in may

After a long winter, many fish species began a period of «Jora», so the fishing in may, so popular. At this time aktiviziruyutsya and avid fishermen, who say that the bite is very good. In many regions, fishing in may is possible in open water, but in the cold it can take place on the last ice, which is quite hazardous. In late spring, the ice is very thin, it forms a plurality of inlets and areas with open water, and any movement on it is very, very dangerous. Open water in may you can fish on a conventional rod with a float and spinning at this time, any fishing is almost always successful and is accompanied by a great mood. For catching by ground to find a place is difficult, but in southern regions possible and this kind of fishing.

The third month of spring the famous lengthening of the day, it seems that the daylight hours are literally «grow» in their eyes. Also, compared with other months of spring, in may it becomes much warmer, which is especially felt after a break-up.

With each new day may feel more and more strengthening the bite. Fully feeling the spring, the fish are gradually disappearing from their winter holes in the side of the coastal places of the river, the depth of which is not very big.

Some species of fish at the same time together in small flocks and move to the mouths of rivers and streams, which in spring literally filled with food. Quite a large number of fish during the thaw can climb up to the ice. Therefore, it is best to fish in the spring at a shallow depth not more than half a meter from the surface.

Species of fish, which is caught in may:


May – the time of active preparation for spawning pike. This month can be described as «magic». Fishing in may gives you the opportunity to catch a pike in different types of water bodies and its various locations since this time is characterized by active movement of the fish. There is even an expression — «pike breaks the eggs», by the way, it characterizes the habits of the fish during ascent to the surface. Season is perfect for catching fish fry and for different types of lures.

Very effective in may is fishing with circles. Set the circles must, according to certain features associated with this season. It is best for this kind of fishing is suitable for shallow places to about 1.5 meters.

To set the tackle you need in the following way. The bait should be almost at the very top that it attracted the attention of pike. In order to effectively use circles, imitation fish or muzzle in may — it is best to install them where there are patches, or even better – at the edges of the ice. A good result in may can be achieved also if catching a pike on a Donk, using live bait, but the fishing makes anglers to make long journeys» to find pike on the river.


Perch in may active not less than pike, and the perch bite is also big enough. Caught a bass almost under the ice, where he often goes in search of food – fry. In may, the perch bite is happening with greater frequency and thoroughness, as a rule, he quickly grasps the jig.

Often it is in may have the opportunity to catch big perch weighing more than a kilogram. Best for catching this species of fish suitable small spoon or nozzle – fry. Also well suited to inside or perch eyes.

But such types of baits you can catch only small perch. The best place for fishing in may, a small distance from the shore – 10-20 meters. No longer necessary, as the perch love these places. If the depth in places is big, you should move a little closer to shore. The main sign that will show the bass or not – a small swarm of fry in separate areas of the pond.


In the spring, a significant increase in activity is also characteristic of the walleye. With the first warm days the fishing will be good and last the ice, and open areas of water. Fishing in may can best make use of artificial attachments, or live bait. For fishing in this period is best suited quite a big fish (used as bait) who is caught in this pond.

At a time when the ice will recede from the shore, walleye can be caught on spinning. Also it is a big spinner and wobblers, it is necessary to use steel line, whereby this nozzle as well is the pike.


Along with warm days, sunshine and hot weather, the water warms up quickly, allowing the bream to emerge from their wintering holes. Usually at this time the bream moves to the places of spring feeding. It is in these places is to give them «may ambush» and catch them.

At this time, the bream prefer of the many types of nozzles bloodworms. It should be implanting the beam where it needs to be tied with a rubber band. Also during may the fishing is excellent for use as bait maggots.

May fishing for bream is characterized by the fact that enthusiasts have to retire to a considerable distance from the shore. Suitable bream to the Bank only when all the ice melts. As a tool for fishing an avid fisherman usually choose the winter fishing rod with a float or a nod instead.


Carp are among the fish that are caught in may well, to the surprise of many anglers. Start hunting for carp better in the second half of may, then the fish wakes up after the winter and slowly move in search of food.

Best suited for jig fishing – carp on it excellent bite. To increase the attractiveness of tackle fishermen sometimes placed on a hook of a worm.

The correct choice of gear, designated the may fishing quality lures and spinners directly depends on the amount of your catch.

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