Fishing in may and what you need to know about fish behavior

May in its turbulent month for anglers. The weather is warm enough which is already well warmed up shallow lakes ,ponds and river coves. In may, a frequent visitor, maybe a thunderstorm and torrential rains have increased the growth of grass and reeds. Due to this increased fish activity and the excitement of the fishermen. This month almost all the fish stop spawning, except for Chub, roach, bream,IDE and carp. During this period of spring just starting to prepare for throwing carp, Rudd, carp, bream and perch. At the end of the month for throwing the calf is taken som. As for him, this period of the most warm and easy.

After a period of spawning ends, most of the fish changes its direction in deep lakes and rivers. At the time of the recession of spring flooding and the may beetle emergence coincides with Gorom most fish. Progresses in shallow water, the fish become more active and mobile. If the fisherman will be experienced, it effortlessly will be able to determine the beginning of George the fish and feeding sites. This fisherman is catching fish very well. And will not have to make special efforts in selecting depths and lures. In these places you can freely catch pike and ASP.

Markedly improved fishing for carp, such as gold or silver. Bass tries from the depths to rise to pure and light water, closer to plankton and the sun. During the entire month can be caught a carp on the float rod. Moreover, the release of fishing line from the float may be short only 20 or 30 cm Bait is used such as: maggots, bloodworms or worm. When fishing for carp you can catch tench. These fish are similar, but laziness is more obstinate and it must be overcome. In the second half of may starts biting the bream. For the fishermen it was great fun. But the greatest impression does fishing for catfish. The chances of catching this fish will increase if you catch it on a warm night, off the coast, grass or in deep holes. Good to use as tackle imitation fish. They are warm at night and in the morning have a look around.

In may of seas rivers are moving shoals Sichel. Chehon likes to eat manure worms and insect larvae. Catching sabrefish in depth and on the surface.

Until the end of may biting most fish ends, it becomes less intense, and where it actually comes low water.

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