Fishing in March

In March almost all species of fish starts with activation of a bite. Fishing in March can be the last ice, and open water. By this time the ice is usually thinner, are beginning to appear too and then areas with open water.

In areas of open water to fish in March is possible and spinning, and on the float rod. In March, the fishermen are often able to find a place for a possible fishing ground.

The spring month of March is characterized by a marked increase in daylight and significant warming. When fishing in March with ice fishermen no longer need to constantly worry about the cleansing of the hole forms an ice crust.

Every spring day accompanied by a marked strengthening of the bite. Feeling the spring, fish begin to leave the wintering holes and trying to get closer to shore, areas of the pond with a small depth.

While separate individuals are United in flocks, moving to the mouths of streams and rivers, in which the spring the fish can find a lot of different foods. A lot of fish with the arrival of the thaw can reach almost to the ice. That is why fishing in March to perform better in half the water or at the depth of half meter from the surface.

The main fish species when fishing in March


In March starts active preparation for spawning pike. The month of March can be called a truly magic month. When fishing in March, the pike may meet in different places of the reservoir, because at this time she is in a state of active movement. The fishermen there is even an expression – «pike breaks the eggs,» which well describes the behavior of the fish when lifting under the ice. At this time fishermen catch pike by trolling and on bait.

Especially effective fishing in March for pike can be by means of circles. But the setting circles you must run with some seasonal variations. I catch pike on mugs in March is best done in areas having a depth of from one-half to one and a half meters.

Installation of gear you need to carry so that live bait was almost at the top. When fishing for pike in March, the effective use of circles or of Gerlich, installed in places of small inlets and at the edge of the ice. A good result can give the pike fishing in March with a ground rod using live bait, but fishing the fishing usually have to do the whole journey over the pond to search for pike.


The activity of the perch bite in March is not much smaller than pike. Perch fishing in March can be almost right under the ice, where the bass usually comes in search of fry. Perch bite while fishing in March occur vigorously, perch, as a rule, immediately grabs the jig.

It was while fishing in March can catch the biggest perch weighing more than a kilogram. Catching redfish in March, best using a small jig or fry as a nozzle. For bait you can also use the eye or inside the ruff.

However, with the use of such bait is usually caught only small perch. Fishing for perch in March is best done at a short distance from the shore, which can be ten or twenty feet. At a sufficiently great depth in the planned location of fishing the fisherman is better to move closer to the shore. The main feature of the location of the perch fry are the flocks in certain areas of the pond.


Spring for walleye also characterized by increased activity. With the beginning of the first warm days to catch walleye in March and can last on the ice, and open water. Fishing for walleye in March can be performed with the use of artificial attachments, and live fish. For walleye fishing in March, need to use a large live bait, best roach caught in the same pond.

When the ice is already back far enough from shore to catch walleye in March on spinning. At this time, the perch well takes on a major Wobbler or minnow, but it is necessary to use a steel leash, because such a nozzle is sometimes the pike.


With the heating of water in water bodies and increasing the number of Sunny days in mid-March, the bream usually starts massively out of wintering holes. As a rule, bream at this time of the pits of wintering moving to areas of summer feeding. It is on these trails should do the ambush for catching bream in March.

At this time of year from all nozzles bream prefers bloodworms. This attachment should stick to the beam, in which the crank is connected with a rubber band. As spring heads on bream, you can also use maggots.

Spring fishing for bream in March, the fishermen usually carry out at a greater distance from the shore. Bream usually begins closer to shore only after the ice melts. Fishing for bream in March, it is better to use winter fishing rod with a float or a nod.


Surprisingly some fishermen, carp is among the few fish that are caught well in March. Catching carp in the spring you can spend the second half of March. At this time usually lazy in winter the fish are starting to Wake up and slowly move in search of food.

Fishing for carp in March is best done with the help of a jig. With this carp fishing bite successfully and at the location of baits at half depth and on the bottom. To enhance the attractiveness of the fishermen sometimes nasazhivajut on a hook a piece of worm.

When choosing the right place and tackle spring fishing in March can bring a good catch.


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