Fishing in low light conditions of the reservoir

When the sun comes over the horizon and all is plunged into darkness, it becomes difficult to catch fish. This occurs because after sunset the light entering water is reduced to such an extent that the fish no longer see in the dark bait. The same problem may occur in the morning and on a cloudy day when the sky is densely overcast. But often the problem is poor illumination of the reservoir occurs in the winter when the water bodies covered by a thick layer of ice.

The lack of light in water was also associated with presence of algae in the pond. Experienced fishermen in the course of years of practice, found that in the pond is heavily overgrown with algae, in summer, the illumination falls to 90% at a depth of 3 meters, and in winter, the same magnitude drops at a depth of 0.9 m. This lack of light is very detrimental to the fishing. Because even such fish as pike-perch, which is perfectly see in the dark, can not see the bait in the dark.

To solve this problem, you need to use bait with a fluorescent coating, but it is best to make your own lures and gums with luminous color. In terms of fishing, it is convenient to apply the paint, as it will dry some time and the fluorescent film. It is very important that she was very thin and flexible and could take the form of a spinner or crankbait.

Often, beginners make mistakes when applying such a film. They choose too bright a film that frightens the fish, what will attract her . For this reason, it is recommended to coat the bait only partially, and in most cases, and small strips or spots.

To fluorescent bait shone not very brightly and not scare away the fish. No need to highlight the bright lights and floodlights. She glowed in the water, enough to remove it from the water for 5-10 minutes to energize the fluorescent light. If fishing occurs at night, the bait is charged by a torch.

In conclusion, here are some tips that will be useful for beginners:

To make the bait visible in dark water, you need to stick on each side of the lure small circles or strips of fluorescent film;

When fishing at a distance from the bottom should stick tape on the belly of the lure that it is visible on all sides.

The tape should be attached and hang in front of a live bait, sinker, sinker bright so as to attract fish to the lure;

When trolling for trout or salmon glue a piece of the fluorescent film still on the Dodger, in addition to spinners and wobblers;

You can stick the small circle of film on the petals of a spinner so he was more visible in the dark water.


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