Fishing in late winter

The end of winter. Is surprisingly wonderful weather. A light frost under the feet of fun snow squeaks. Narrow, trodden in deep snow, the stitch going to the lake Litvin. In this picturesque corner of Mozyrsky Paradise for fishermen. There’s a place for shchukarej and protechnical, and for all other professionals. We were targeting perch.

The lake greeted us with surprise. During the night the water level rose, and the ice separated from the shore water line width of about a meter. It is necessary to build corduroy road. But no problems, close to the village sawmill. «Borrowed» the watchman several poles, quickly constructed and the crossing in single file, relying on drills, move to the alluring ice. Now, hurry to the coveted hole in the coastal reeds where yesterday for «goat» pecked decent Humpbacks. The depth is small, about a meter. Bass alive until the spring, readily responded to everything that moves. Bite clear, aggressive. Some of them even gave a hand that only added excitement. But what is it? One, two, three hole, and the promised strike on the jig no. In the bewilderment begin drilling the hole closer to the middle. Maybe «hunchback» after Malcolm moved away from the coast?

Early in the morning. Break through the haze of the first sunlight. Beauty! But we now not before. Bass, who yesterday were so pleased with stable cool, suddenly refuses to take the jig. Trying all conceivable ways of wiring, replaceable spinner, drill new holes — all to no avail. But we won’t go back!

Gradually go deep into the lake. Here already one and a half, two meters of water under the hole. Once the hole line clings to the ice, and the jig hangs at half depth. Cursing out the line to get to the place of the Circlip, and — about a miracle! On the hook something sits very smartly resists and, apparently, pulls of 100 grams, not less. After a few moments, in the hole shows the silver side of the roach.

Realizing what it is, change the tactics of fishing. Tie the small tungsten jig, hanging on it a couple of moths and slowly lowered into the hole. So. As soon as the jig was under the ice stopped her. Cutting — and on the ice is another red-eyed beauty.

Further — more. For each transaction, or rather lowering, it should bite. Roach, as I measured, 80-100 grams of weight. The call of the friends, explain to them the principle of fishing, and now we carry four dimensional roaches with speed, decent sporting events.

Take a little soul, you begin to experiment. Make the bottom more and less. Turns out we hit a huge flock of roach and Rudd. The fish are biting on every horizon, but the wiring «on the rise» ignored completely, responding only to continuous lowering of the lure.

Seeing as we wave, we catch up with other fishermen. Beating around the holes the fish, sit down at a distance and try to repeat the «feat». Of course, they have nothing, as we can say «can you dig». And we pulled and pulled roach, accompanying it with jokes. Very funny to see how the neighbors look at this «mess» and can’t understand anything.

Gradually my jig turns from black to white. Roach takes greedily, to swallow, and sometimes you have a lot of trouble to get the hook.

As another experiment hung on the hook of the jig larva burdock moth. On the bite is not affected, but catching has become much easier. Agrimony much stronger holds on the hook, and it does not need so often to «recharge».

Toward evening, some holes started to have strange bite. They were nothing like plotinnoe jerking, but rather resembled a pike strikes. After hooking on the other end of the line felt a decent weight, but the fish are not Bouncing off. As they say in Mothership, there is a «scruby». Interestingly, after the next «skraba» the fish never left the hole. Apparently, the hook plitvicei spinner was clearly too small. Decided on radical measures. Take perches «goat», slowly lower it into the hole and somewhere itology feel the blow, but such that the rod almost flies out of his hands. Sweeps and the hook came, twitched much more than roaches.

This «something» does not want to go in the hole. Try to keep the fish «on a short leash». And she’s acting very strangely. As soon as I cease to pull at the other end of the line everything calms down. Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, I still managed to win in the opponent’s line, and after a few minutes of what seemed an eternity, the hole POPs up yazevoe blunt muzzle. My jig is swallowed and is deep in his mouth. At first glance, it is not less than a kilogram. Knowing the temper of this fish is not hearsay, I try not to force things, not to provoke the IDE on the last, very desperate jerk. Bring the fish to the gills, and there, as they say, a trick. Fluffed red fins, my losing opponent hard tossing and turning on the ice, and I’m shaking hands trying to get out of his mouth «goat.» But where there is dark, the body of the jig barely sticking out of the fleshy Yazev throat. Not to shred IDE, a knife cut off the line. Nothing, the jig would get home.

After such a rush of adrenaline to catch the roach somehow uninteresting. I sit on the box and slowly drink tea, once again mentally reliving the moments of struggle, and the IDE periodically reminds of itself, tossing and turning underneath me.

My partner also unexpected bite. From the bottom took a perch on 700 grams, with this «friend» do so carefully, because fishing line is 0.10. But all ended well and he, and I am heartily glad.

Evening. Time to go home. With holes the fish tired and satisfied we go to the car. Each few kilos of dimensional roach and Rudd. And «add-ons» in the form of IDE and perch looks good against the background.

This fishing showed that the spring course of white fish, it came alive from its winter slumber and now regularly eat until the ice melts. And it is three weeks. Thank you, lake, for unexpected surprises.

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