Fishing in late autumn

Som. For Indian summer som still melts, but the cold is hard to understand where it is kept mustachioed handsome. Danocrine say that the accumulation of som in the pits late autumn there, but it is not appreciably large and small soma (up to 2kg)-can «torture» peck, in the summer this does not happen. Larger takes are often not in the hole, and the smaller areas above the pits on the inputs. In the summer the rocks is already practically it is impossible, but under the steep banks can still walk, getting on the ground and even on spinning. In late autumn many soma accumulates at depths of 3-4, and then 2 meter below and above deep long pits. Som late autumn adheres to decent depths, but in the last warm evenings rises from the pits after a day warming up the top layers. In such a still day the sound Kwok hear particularly well, and above and under water — resistant cocatrice enjoying the last hunting and fishing trips, here and there occasionally raising catfish on live bait. But only cleansed from alder leaves, and the biting stops.

Perch. Striped, after the burbot is probably the most hardy, so common on shoals to the pre-winter. Well where fry and perch. But in fact, even well-fed bass like rocks and even when will the first snow

from which all the fish will go in depth, many perch remained off the coast. In reservoirs and ponds of deep autumn it is necessary to look in the most upper reaches. In large lakes is worn on the edge of the reeds. In rivers perch common on the shoals of deep bays, running oxbow lakes, along the upper edge of the peaceful river holes, under steep banks. And indeed, the fishermen say that bass are almost everywhere to catch from the shore without the boat. This is not a revelation, but with the underwear all the much harder. It is not easy to convince yourself that white fish in the late autumn can fish in the shallow places, but the facts — are stubborn things. Experience river fishing some anglers say that in November the Belle almost does not bite, and deep holes waiting for freeze-up. Once thought so myself, but if you go fishing, it puts everything in its place.

Here are the books that IDE in November already does not bite. But his Majesty the case somehow taught a lesson, after which I had to reconsider fishing in November. In late November, choosing the most that neither is a burbot weather (a sharp North wind and rain with sleet), with buddies out on the river with a short coastal market, with several leashes. The bait served Karasik. Was placed on tihovolya braids — before spawning burbot drawn to such places. Of course, the size of the Pripyat burbot leave much to be desired — caught candid «tadpoles», weighing 300-400g. Kilogrammovogo — the exception rather the rule, so, the illusive dream that makes you sit on the beach in chilly weather. The bulk of bites of burbot in the first half of the night, somewhere around midnight. Therefore, checking trotlines a few times and caught a dozen kalinchikov, went to sleep in the nearest village, leaving the donkey on the shore. No class is more boring than to gather frozen to the shore reel market, knowing that the fish won’t be in them. One, two, three trotlines came up empty, the carp were pristine, and released them back into the bucket — until next time. The fourth daughter, who was standing closer to the mouth of shallow Creek, something dragged ounce sinker at the shore. In the head with lightning bolts the idea that the hook sits exactly what and go to this «dog» chill on the river. Carefully hand over hand the line already imagined how will be the envy of comrades who took the trouble this morning to go to the river. Fish in the depths of the hard twisting and turning, but went to the shore calmly. Already prepared to contemplate spotted the body of a burbot, but in the dark water of the river suddenly flashed the white side and in a few moments, holding IDE weighing not less than 2kg! Hook-Karasik it was buried deep in his mouth. Predatory instincts IDE is familiar, but still this meeting was unusual. It is clear that again the next day on the river. Only now with a couple picker, a box of worms and a dozen small loaches, which begged from a neighbor. Not much faith in success, but I wish that he wouldn’t see the shake edges. First in the water went the worms. For hours trying to stir up fish no bite, alas. Only a few ruffs soapy, seemed to slow dragging across the bottom of the bait. Picker with eel on the hook is also silent. And then you notice a slight shaking of the tip, and then such a jerk that the butt tackle jumped half a meter above the ground! The cause of the commotion — the language under the weight of pounds!

Here’s to moments of luck fishing and should go a few hours before the egg and freeze in the cold wind.

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