Fishing in June.

Many anglers know and trust the proverb, which advises to forget about the fish in June. According to the laws of nature the fish need time to recover after the spawning period, which occurs in the spring. The proverb says that fish this season hurts.

However, this is not a reason to give up your favorite activities. An experienced fisherman knows and catches fish any time of the year using a variety of gear.

But we should remember that the cost of fishing on the pond waters, which have a small depth. You have a good chance to catch carp and perhaps other fish of the Amur, or carp. Any weather is perfect for fishing, and carp – one of the best results of your fishing. This fish is fairly undemanding, it is not as sensitive to a recession of the water and change the quality of food. Many connoisseurs consider carp one of the most delicious fish, so dare to have the June fishing provides an excellent opportunity to catch this great fish.

In some places you can expect good catches in June?

First of all, fish is concentrated along the coast, overgrown with reeds, in the shallows. Not so effective is fishing at depth. Bank, rapidly rising above the river – so it is a good time for fishing, well, if there will be fallen trees, where you can catch in the wiring, which will end a good bite.

You sure are lucky to find a flock of roach or white bream, and will be extremely happy with this catch. It is not necessary in this case to overfeed the fish. It often happens that the fish do not need to be fed, most importantly, just happily find a place for its fishing. To catch in June good on maggots. If your intention is to catch large fish should be strung on the hook for five or six maggots, the results will satisfy you completely.

If you are fishing for, should not hide the tip of the hook after the fish, finding the nozzle, which moves actively attacking her. Very different is happening in stagnant water. Fish can prick and, of course, scared the bait, feel the danger and leave. A good remedy is barley, if you pre-steamed and then break into breadcrumbs. This nozzle often attracts large roach and bream. Some anglers make a kind of sandwich consisting of maggots and fishing «popcorn». Garlic, honey, vanilla flavor, protein mastyrka also does its job perfectly by attracting the fish in the pond. Experienced fishermen consider the universal head or the red manure worm, due to which fishing becomes successful almost always, no matter where you will be catching in a standing pond or in the pond.

Think about more complex problems, deciding that you can catch during this period catfish. Hunting should begin at six o’clock, and at seven already do the casting until two in the morning you will have already finished their fishing, and, perhaps the excitement will hold you until the morning. Here they’re worms or smoked chicken ass. Experience also includes the use of roasted Sparrow, but this step solved only a few fanatically devoted to fishing.

At this time it happens more and bream that can be an extremely pleasant surprise for anglers. You can catch any bait, anywhere, suitable for both lures have a natural color and silver-tone baubles. At desire and diligence it is possible to fish at any time and at any place has water bodies of different nature. The important thing is that your feeling of fullness of life does not clouded, you find delight in nature, and you cherish and protect. The most important thing, to live with her in harmony, and then enjoy life is enormous. While the anglers wishes in the spirit of tradition, nor tail, nor scales!

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