Fishing in July.

July – top of summer, when nature is pleased with its warmth and sunlight, when heated the water, and for fishermen of the new season, during which they also expect to catch a generous and satisfying fishing ambitions.

The temperature of the water in its upper layers are no longer comfortable to fish, and is especially felt in the shallow water. Fish herds looking cool and finds her in deep layers or spring water at the bottom.

Hot and quiet weather typical July days, promises of a rich harvest, and, moreover, it is not necessary to wait for the fish to bite at all during the hot period of the day. In Il day fishing is only possible on cloudy days or when it rains. A lot of people knows how great fishing at dawn, her beauty is described not only in the literature, the morning of July fishing is a big theme of art, which also concerned such a wonderful images.

Water in the morning – a fine, during the night it cooled from the heat of the day, and the fish, sensing this, lifted into the upper layers. Good also night fishing, when successfully catching bream, perch, Chub, pike, perch. Ponds with stagnant water – not the best place to fish in July. In ponds and creeks during this period, water blooms, and masses of algae begin their active flowering, and this negatively affects water clarity.

The water becomes cloudy, but fish is an ideal diet. It becomes obvious that well-fed fish are much more reluctant to draw attention to the bait. Fishing it becomes very difficult. Carp, carp, IDE, which live in standing water, sink to the bottom when algae already faded decompose.

This process negatively affects the level of oxygen in the water. And even these rather unpleasant moments for the fisherman, does not allow him to remain without a catch. Promoted by the previous experience of the fishing and of course, knowledge of all the intricacies of the behavior of the fish. For example, the fishermen, the pros know that the bass almost always takes a depth as the best habitat, and only in the process of feeding can be seen as a bass swims to the shallows.

Perch gather in flocks among thickets of algae, water lilies and other vegetation of water bodies. Where a lot of snags, just like the bass. And this needs to take account of the fisherman, knowing that here and perch can be found in large quantity. It remains only to choose a good nozzle, for which suitable moth, the larvae of dragonflies, worms, useful and small fish. To fishing brought the expected good luck, take care of gear. The best option is a spinning rod and a float rod.

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