Fishing in January

In winter, the fishermen have a tough time. Hard frost, heavy snow, strong wind, short days, low activity fish are the main difficulties faced. In January, some anglers don’t go fishing. But experienced fishermen do not give up, they are able even at this time to return home with a catch. Fishing in January, fishing requires certain knowledge and plenty of patience.

The list of fish that you can catch in January is pretty small:

— Pike;

— Bream;

— Sudak;

— Carp;

— Perch;


— Ruff;

— Bream;

— Chub.

But it is best in January to hunt for burbot. In mid-January of this fish starts spawning, so the fish actively feed.

The most productive fishing in areas with lots of underwater plants. In heavily silted areas of good catches will not. In case of lack of oxygen mobility of the fish deteriorates.

In January, the user should choose large bodies of water with clean water and slight current. Good results will bring fishing near the sources.

The weather is very important when catching fish. Fishing will be successful only if the weather is nice. The most promising fishing at temperatures below 10 degrees, windless days. The best bite is observed during the thaw.

Heavy snowfalls make fishing impossible, because the fish at this time does not show any activity. Fish is inactive, if too often change the temperature. The atmospheric pressure is also necessary to pay attention.

In winter it is very difficult to fish without a Fishfinder. It allows you to choose a good place.

The choice of gear depends on object of hunting. Often Jan used jig with sensitive gear. When fishing for perch use a spoon. For pike use imitation fish and vertical jigging. In this case, need heavy lures. Need to avoid sudden movements of the jig, it will only scare away the pike.

For catching of white fish you need to use a float rod. The hook can be changed for a jig.

The most successful bait — bloodworms. At this time, it takes a whole white fish. But the main thing is correct to give the fish the bait.

You can also use maggots, worms, pieces of fish.

Most often in January, the bait is not used. But sometimes the bait can be justified, especially if you find a big school of fish. The bait is made of bread crumbs, millet porridge, bloodworms and potatoes.

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