Fishing in February

In February often drop large amounts of snow, often with blizzards, drifting snow. The day is gradually increasing, at times observed drops, patches appear from under the snow.

In this winter month begin to catch burbot – as soon as the sun goes down in the 2-3 decade. In ponds with a fall of the water level, there is a probability of pike-perch and big perch trolling. In warmer weather, having armed with live bait and trolling, it is likely to catch pike.

Higher activity shows a fishing jig adult perch. It traditionally experienced fishermen pull in the shallows. The third decade notable for the beginning of active biting perch on the float and jig. Especially good for fishing in February on a crank. For this bait swim roach, Dace, bream and localized at the mouth of rivers flowing into reservoirs with uniform reduction of water. They are willing to go on the float and jig to the shoreline.

By the end of February, when the weather is more or less stabiliziruemost, in rivers and lakes, you notice the first flocks of bream and perch, feeling the approach of spring. Successful fishing is possible when choosing the right venue, so to speak found the fish trail. It is likely its location will pass in flowing waters. In the cold February waters trolling is offended perch.

But you can’t disregard the difficult weather conditions. Experienced avid fishermen noticed that the roach is desirable to take blizzards; burbot out in the dark night, the darker the sky, the more the bite. A great result in this case can show jig-pellet.

In January was the spawning of burbot, so in the month of February appears posledeistvie zhor. To catch this fish in the late winter need for trolling or live bait after sunset. On warm days there is a big chance to pull a big pike at dawn – hardened walleye. For luring roach and perch choose subtle a thin rope.

Bream, bream in cold water is quite vigorous; they should systematically enticing lure with small bloodworms. Finding a worthwhile place to spend some good fishing if the fish don’t spook with loud noises and stomping.

The pike in early February depletes your hand is in a state of oppression from prolonged cold, but live bait will not be missed. Patient anglers with success rewarded by a good copy if you can to wait for the fish to bite. Time it can take a lot. To fish in February is best for deep water.

The main condition for the February fishing can be called the ability to track what is going on and to focus on the process of fishing. Will not come without a catch fisherman, not too lazy, if necessary, drill extra holes, found a new, efficient fishing methods, improved existing, to track the whereabouts of fish.

In February the weather is unpredictable: the constant change of direction of winds, frequent snow and extreme cold easily changed to thaw, quiet Sunny days. Then again can return frosts. Don’t forget that this month the fish is advocated in selected safe areas, but not across the pond. In areas of flow the fish are not delayed by choosing a more tranquil backwaters for rest and food.

Most of the fish in late winter, a special energy is not observed, therefore, to fish in February difficult. An exception may be only a certain river. In the winter the fish are hungry, so catch it, especially if it will take an experienced fisherman, a good knowledge of bottom topography, focused on the ground. It would be easy to determine the most successful fishing spot. Will only pick up the necessary bait and bait.

There are many opinions regarding the February fishing, but it’s still the most interesting time is for real anglers.

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