Fishing in December


With the onset of the intense December cold, winter comes into its own. Temperature mode even during the day rarely rises to zero. Ice begins to form from the coastal shallow part to the deeper areas with a strong current, and by the middle of the month, the waters were covered with a layer of ice of a considerable thickness. Note that matte white ice is weaker than clear and transparent, and so should be especially careful while on the ice, constantly monitoring its thickness under the toe.

Fishing in December is abundance of fish, especially pervalidus. Fish active throughout the day, so fishing is often successful, the key is to choose the right site for fishing.

The most common gear for fishing in December is winter fishing rod with a nod. There are many different designs of such gear, which differ from each other not only in appearance, but purpose. The lighter the rod the better it work. The rod length can be different and reach 50 centimeters.

Great fishing in December on the rivers and lakes with flowing water.

Fishing for roach in December

Caught Roach with success in the month of December. Going to «hunt» for a silver beauty, you should know that roach do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature and pressure. During this period its activity is reduced. Favorable time will be the days of thaw with constant temperature and pressure. Caught float fishing rods or lures. As bait is most commonly used Motyl. It is useful the use of bait.

Sea bass fishing in December

Usually the winter season starts with catching this fish. Convenient places to fish are inlets, sand bars, quiet places with snags. In these places, basically lives and hunts the striped predator. Chasing prey, perch hovering around the reed at a small depth, examining the entire surface of the bottom, bumps, branches and rocks. To determine perch locations, drilled holes from shore to the depth of the reservoir, with the distance between them to ten meters.

Gear can be different, but the most common trolling. A spinner would be better to let outstretched with a single hook.

Fishing for carp

Carp refers to the type of fish that are successfully caught in open waters. Fishing in December for carp are not effective enough. But, nevertheless, and carp are biting, and sometimes pretty good. It is advisable to catch carp in the pond using float tackle or lures. The choice of lures a fisherman needs to be large, because you never know what today will bite finicky carp.

As a nozzle used bloodworm, worm. There are cases of bites on the dough from wheat flour and rye flour. The bait is made from meal, bread crumbs, bloodworms. You should periodically change the place, if there are no strikes, looking for the Parking place carp.

The hunt for pike in December

The pike fishing is considered one of the most hazardous types of winter fishing. Since small rivers and lakes in purworedjo fishermen are gradually moving into large reservoirs, where it is already «ripe» strong ice. This predator does not leave the usual place of residence until the 20th of December.

Mainly for fishing use imitation fish and spinners. Pike – a strong and wily opponent, so the tackle must be appropriate, able to withstand the serious load. The thickness of the ice depends on the depth at which you are trolling. This is due to the possibility of a pike fisherman to hear and even to see him.

In addition to spinners for vertical blesneniya you can use a different artificial bait, for example, vibrohvost. If used, the fishing, the predator is equally successful.

In conclusion, I want to wish all seasoned and beginning anglers to fishing in December has left only pleasant memories of well spent time.

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