Fishing in cold water for bream

When the temperature of the water in the reservoir is reduced, individuals are less active in the summer and on the sides do not look very closely. Therefore, the use of aromatic additives, the efficiency of nozzles increases. Sold in stores special mortar, which falls worms and butterflies to their smell intensified. In order to liven up the PEP, they need to pull, and tackle with pauses to drag. It is possible thereby not only to work on the kind of baits, but the interest of bream — less active and lazy.

In the fall, he becomes a predator and attacks the fry, because the metabolic processes of the fish increase, and they need high calorie foods. It should be noted that their fellows also hunt carp, carp and large goldfish. Fry prey to catch in our rivers, North and South, lakes and reservoirs, spinning and ice with small lures. However, the lone bream, most likely will refuse fry.

Eye he also lives, because in certain places is bound and it is home to a surprisingly very long time. Fish choose their breeding places, which are visited in the summer. They don’t like the deep and tihovolya sites, and keep about very fast currents and shallow water, because there are aquatic organisms of the fetus.

In other words, the flock to find the fishermen is not easy but if failed, the catch will be great, so that will not have time to pull out. However, in early autumn, most often in southern areas, the bream lives in fast water.

This predator can be caught on sea bottom fishing. It is important to know the rivers of the pit facing the Bank, because in some cases, fry are caught large perch and Zander. If there is a nearby sunken barge, it is possible to catch bream, maggots and worm, small white bream. Some fishermen take a special tackle, so no, he did not come and hook № 7-8 skewer fry to get large individuals. They come to the site, if the bait is slightly torn, other individuals, for example, where hunting is not conducted.

The bream really like obrepanda fish meat, which is recommended to be cut to ensure a good catch. Small bream is perfect, it made stripes size 8h4h20 mm on a single hook bottom fishing rods, which attached to the leash. The length should be above the limit sinkers to 10 cm Cutting you can do on your own, while looking at the size of the cutting and the quality. Most importantly the meat is soft and therefore suitable roach, Chub and bleak, for example as a victim.

If the fish is small, then the nozzle is cut the fillet all or most of it, but the flesh of large individuals is chopped to pieces. You can use a jig head on which to plant fry and make the transaction. It is also recommended to hunt a fixed gear with a rod in his hand, fixed on the Board. It is better to use spinning reel with a length of not more than 2.6 g and instantaneous coil.


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