Fishing hooks

Carp fish is very cautious. It is with great disbelief refers to something new and unusual. This also applies to bait. For inexperienced fishermen, it is very difficult the first time to pick up all the components you need. After all fishing hooks must have a familiar taste and be as natural as possible. Not recommended for use in bait exotic ingredients with sharp, not the usual carp smell. Bait with such components soon will scare the fish than lure him.

The composition of bait for catching carp is very much like a bait for any fish of the carp family roach, Rudd, carp, bream.

The carp is one small feature that must be considered. This fish is almost never very hungry. In this regard, there is the likelihood of overeating carp bait. Therefore, it should not be too many nutrients, or fish just stop taking your bait.

For that would be bait for carp was effective in its components to enable fine-grained components: semolina, millet, ground oat flakes.

Experienced fishermen noticed that the fish respond much better to natural and natural flavors, than synthetic. Add in bait flavours to be very careful. Better to put a little less than scare away the fish sharp and strange smell.

Experienced and older fishermen as a flavoring for bait, used the roots of various aquatic plants. The most effective is the root of the capsule. Also fishing hooks becomes very effective when you add the roots of cattail, calamus, reed.

One of the most common Karasev. consider the cocoa powder. Also, the bait used for flavor, vanillin, crushed fennel seeds, garlic.

The most important rule of preparation of bait for carp is the use of only small fractions of all components. All the components of the mixture, before mixing, you need to grind and grind. Small particles of bait will not allow the carp quickly filled. But here the main thing not to overdo. Too small fraction, such as powdered milk or egg powder, it will create at the bottom of the turbidity cloud, which greatly attracts small roach. It’s just going to spoil the fishing.

But still it should be said that the most effective bait for carp is always obtained from fishermen, who are fishing in the same pond for years. Therefore, one of the main component of the mixture is the experience of the fisherman. So you need to select the components for bait fish based primarily on their experience.


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