Fishing grasshopper

If you decide to catch some nice big fish, as bait will suit the horse. There are cases that after casting you see biting in my thoughts already caught a huge predator, but after hooking nothing. And so constantly. What in this case?

There are two possible alternatives. This is the wrong way of inserting a grasshopper on a hook, or fish it just knocks.

Some anglers are trying to keep skate alive on the hook, but lost reliability, leave it on the hook. Fish can easily knock him. So it is better to get a good piercing, especially since the fish is equally good takes on the dead skate and the living. Stick grasshopper should be starting with the head and then gradually pierce it completely. If the nozzle is not to remove the rear legs it’s likely you will see «about» for the fish to bite.

In the same way nasazhivajut on a hook and large flies or butterflies. The grandmother is also great for catching large fish. But to spread it properly over the belly.

If you use a big hook and it is seen that a single insect is small, it is possible to use several of them. You can plant them in 3-4 pieces, the main thing to make it look «appetizing» for fish.


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