Fishing for Zope, white bream and glazach in the winter season

If you have not experienced the bite of Zope, white bream and glazach, you didn’t get all the rainbow splendor of catches of such fish. Bream pulls the bait with a jerk, a bruise takes the nozzle very carefully, but glazach grabs her firmly and irrevocably. All fishermen are in awe of this fish. After all, they are «relatives», though different from each other individual characteristics. Bream have silvery scales, the blue – back blue, and glazach suffer from bulging of the eyes. They belong to lashovim fish on lifestyle, nutrition and spawning. They are weighing about four hundred grams (there are specimens weighing over a kilo), with an average length of thirty centimeters.

Winter fishing of these fish is somewhat different. White bream can be found in any body of water and fishing is done using float (standing) fishing rods and lures. Baubles should be brilliant (yellow). When bites of white bream nod is very active. You can take it on the bottom line (lift). When finding fish near the bait – the bite in the lift (on the ground) follows. Forest for fishing for this fish, it is advisable to take twelve hundred thirteen. Glazach chooses the place of residence where deep clean water. And since — in the winter you need to look for in the pits. He loves the warmth, quietness and depth. Bite even on the coldest days, from morning to evening. Takes carefully. Here’s the bite, sweep but empty! You may need to see twenty (and more) nods, in a row. Don’t worry. If the bruise is enough to violently and rapidly, then you are looking at a fish joint. Now, don’t get lost. Remember that a bruise is rare in the winter bite from the bottom. It is usually located at a depth of three metres on a sandy bottom (possibly up to eight — in the pits). From December to mid-March, when clear and fine days, the bruise very often does bite. You even suspect that he allegedly spread to all water storage. He walks in a circle the pond, making periodic bite.

If you are going on winter fishing on the white bream, Zope and glazach need to remember that they prefer to eat maggots, worms, bloodworms, steamed barley. Try, soft tip – the dough. Fishermen suggest. Hooks for fishing you need to have a number three or a jig (great if you want to catch any instance). You need to use a sinker with a bullet. Rod, of course, the winter with thin, sensitive but strong tip (nod). Good luck!

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