Fishing for winter Chub on a jig

Fishing for Chub in winter on many rivers in Central Russia is in a fairly stable feeding activity of this fish. Successful winter fishing for Chub you must correctly find the locations of feeding fish. Active fishing for Chub this time of year is with the help of jigs, lures and balancers.

The jig is almost all winter, you can catch medium and small chubs. The most successful such fishing can be during prolonged thaws, when it can bite and big fish. Fishing for Chub in the winter the jig is a light winter rod, I have the nod from a polymer or metal plate, which contributes to the natural play of the lure.

If you like this fishing for Chub in the winter, use fishing line with a diameter from 0.12 to 0.14 millimeters. In the presence of a chance on a big fish you can use fishing line with a thicker diameter. For proper game lure jig should have a weight corresponding to the diameter of the line.

Experienced anglers know that to catch Chub on spinners better than dull colors and in the form of some aquatic larvae, leeches, crayfish, bugs, etc. Most of the Chub catch in a quiet zavadenko , areas of coastal Bush with the use of different versions of the game a jig. But even close to shore on rivers almost always flow, so you need to use small jigs, but in order for them not endured.

Fishing for Chub in the winter, you must perform active movement along the shore. Choosing the right fishing spot, you need to drill a few holes that are removed from each other for seven to fifteen meters, so as not to scare the noise of the cautious fish. Not picking holes kakati, you can use sticks to make small holes to lower the bait. With such a reception Chub is not very alarming light that penetrates under the ice.

Then you need to wait a while for the fish to calm down, and start fishing, gently moving from one hole to another. First you need to check the bite Chub in the upper horizon of the water. For the nozzle can be used Motyl, larva burdock moth, the beetle, the bark beetle. If chosen for catching Chub the ground may appear solid copies, as replanting is rather flat for large jigs can be used fry.

The game this lure can be run at the bottom, and at half depth. In some cases, it may be productive step down and ladder. In winter, the Chub can hold at the beginning of the rapids, coming here during the thaw to feed from near the pits. Chub prefers to be in areas with obstructions, islets and rocky ridges, where delayed food drifting by.

In the conditions of catching Chub in winter is necessary with a float and Sivkovych rods with sliding sinker. This sinker helps hold the nozzle at the bottom and fix the bite. You can also use another equipment variant, in which the end of the fishing line is made by fastening heavy enough sinkers and install just above the long weights (depending on the strength of the flow) of the leash. Leash size should facilitate smooth movement of the nozzle from side to side to attract Chub. Enough catchability can be leashes that have a «steam» hooks or jigs.

Depth when fishing for Chub in winter, the rivers can be best if two to four meters and a half. When fishing for Chub in the waterways of great importance bait. As bait you can use small moth, dry, soaked in water mixture and apply bait at the same time. To bait became harder, you can add gravel or sand.

Place the hole for bait is determined by the rate of flow. This hole may be located at a distance of from one-half to one and a half meters from the working hole. To perform the bait you must first open trough at the bottom and wait for food to be demolished. Then should be lowered to the ground the second feeder and to not disclose it. This feeder should be wide enough holes to feed could well be washed away by the current. To effectively attract fish can be used slightly crushed bloodworms, the smell of which is better distributed in the water.

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