Fishing for whitefish in the winter

The main challenge in the winter fishing for whitefish is to correctly identify the place of catching on an unfamiliar reservoir. Of course, you can learn from local fishermen, but what the fisherman will give you good glue spot. So you have to look for yourself, guided by the topography of the near shore through the old holes, and rely on luck and intuition.

In search of the glue places you have to drill a dozen more holes to study the topography of the bottom, until you find the differential of the bottom or grope stone ridge.

Winter fishing for whitefish.

In winter whitefish are caught with simple tackle. Sometimes whitefish are biting on the spoon vertical, sometimes horizontal or jig. It is not necessary to equip the gear with all sorts of gimmicks and tricks, the simpler the gear, the easier it is to treat it in the cold. The line it is necessary to set elastic and durable, but no thicker than 0.12 mm. Not worth it reels a large amount of fishing line, otherwise almarza in the cold, she will be confused and create you a lot of inconvenience. Enough to be 10 meters. For catching whitefish there is a universal lure showca, you can also use a variety of spinners with silver or light-yellow color. On lures with two hooks, wound a red thread on the curves of the hooks.

Play of the jig starting from the bottom, and gradually exploit the entire water column. SIG in different weather conditions and different times of the day rests at different depths. The spoon lowered to the bottom and start trolling at intervals of 4-5 seconds, if bites are not happening, podmahivat line, and the process repeats. Worth, bringing the spoon to the ice, to try again to sh in the bottom, is that a flock of whitefish came to the game of spinners, just standing under it. When you appearance near you a bevy of whitefish, it is necessary to observe complete silence. At the slightest noise the pack will mysteriously disappear as it appeared.

Ice fishing whitefish, it is necessary in addition to lures to be fishing with jigs. Pick up the jig the same color as the spinner, preferably the shape of a large comma.

To catch whitefish.

When fishing for whitefish on the jig, use such tips as the bark beetle, maggot, worm, you can also use silicone vibrohvost. In well-chosen place, whitefish are biting all day, subside a little before noon, then livens up again and stopped at dark.

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