Fishing for walleye on the sprat

Fishing for pike on sprat fishermen carried out not only in winter but also in the open water season. This fishing has its advantages before catching walleye using live bait.

When fishing for pike on a sprat no need to use a fishing rod and malyavochka. This catch also does not require large expenditures of time looking for and catching the fry. For this fishing enough to buy a sprat in any store.

Whitebait is inexpensive, making it affordable for any angler compared to other, especially expensive artificial lures. And the catching efficiency of sprat can be on a much higher ulovistost expensive spinners, wobblers, twisters and rippers.

Fishing for walleye on the sprat is more time consuming. For this fishing the fisherman is requested to procure the stock of sprat, preferably relatively large, in the refrigerator. When fishing for pike with this lure fishing is usually enough twenty or twenty-five tyulek.

It should not be a long time to keep fish in the freezer, it becomes loose and when casting it can be hard to hold on to. Experienced fishermen before the fishing for walleye buy fresh whitebait, then wrap each fish with pieces of cellophane and placed in the freezer refrigerator.

Fishing for walleye on the sprat does not differ almost from usual fishing with the use of artificial lures. Fishing for walleye on the trout requires tackle work from dawn to dusk, the implementation of long trips by boat or Hiking in search of the predator.

For walleye fishing on sprat you must use snastochki where this lure can stay securely on the cast and at the time of posting. Anglers there are many snastochki. Snastochki can be loaded with lead sinker, and can be without loading. Sometimes to accomplish a good throw enough weight used for the largest sprat.

Sometimes for the beginning of walleye fishing on sprat, it is sufficient to use the simplest snastochki – jig head, which, as a rule, have each angler. If you successfully passed the trial fishing for walleye on the trout fishermen usually engage in experimenting in the manufacture and testing of various snastochki.

To make your own snastochki for walleye fishing on sprat is not difficult. To craft it you need to use a little wire and tees. But many fishers use more simple and less efficient way, for which the sprat a little «improved» through the circumcision of her extra fins with a knife. This uses the lower part of the sprat as more durable. The upper part of the sprat – the back is more loose, it can quickly break the hook.

With this method of walleye fishing on sprat hook jig head should be the appropriate size of bait for that two times shorter than the used piece of fish. With the use of a large sprat as bait, you can remove her head and a small piece from the front of the body.

Then you need to remove the upper part of the back of the fish longitudinal incision below the spine. Inside remove. The result is a long, fairly narrow piece of anchovy with the tail and anal fin. When using such baits, you must consider one subtlety — the bait on the jig head you need to plant «upside down» to the anal fin is pointing upwards.

In sprat on the abdomen the skin is strong, so the lure turns «LP». Additionally, you can insure sprat from both sides. You can use a small piece of vacuum rubber, which is put on the hook, and then pressed tightly to the body of the lure.

When fishing for pike on sprat with such gear you post like posting when fishing with artificial bait. This posting may be uniform, or step, execution pauses at the time of contact with the bottom. When a fixed position of the head with a Twister or a Ripper in a few seconds, the interest of the pike to such a lure may be lost.

And sprat is able to lie on the bottom for a long time, and at any moment can happen bite. This fishing for pike on sprat could turn into a «donknow» in which halfway the transaction fails, and the bait remains at the bottom of five to ten minutes.

During these pauses happen a lot of bites walleye. According to some fishermen during the walleye fishing on sprat don’t need hooking. But experienced fishermen say that after a bite you always need to carry a sharp, instantaneous trip, because the pike has a bony jaw and can not asecsa itself. After withstanding a pause, Zander can have time to feel the hook and spit out the bait. Winter is also catching a pike on a sprat.

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