Fishing for walleye on the balancer in the winter

fishing for walleye vzimku

Sudak – is a common predatory fish that reaches a rather large size. Successfully catch it not only in warm seasons but also in winter. One of the best ways to catch walleye with ice fishing are on the balancer. Of course, this bait is not so simple – must be proficient in the technique – but the correct application can bring excellent results.

The choice of location

Look for perch on the ice-covered pond is not easy. Often have to walk several kilometers and to drill dozens of holes before the predator will be found. Facilitates the task that a walleye is a schooling fish, so it is enough to catch one individual to determine the place of fishing – the first predator is almost always the others will come.

Most productive space:

  • snags;
  • deep pits;
  • drop offs;
  • edge;
  • submerged tree stumps;
  • areas with rocky and flat bottom;
  • the differences of depths.

These places should be thoroughly to sh. In winter, the perch almost all the time keeps near the bottom, occasionally rising into the middle layers.

Given the complexity of the search of the predator, it is not necessary to stay at the same hole more than 10 minutes. This time is enough to do a few cycles of the game balance wheel and determine the presence of fish in this place.

Fishing for walleye on the balancer

Pike has excellent eyesight that allows him to hunt successfully even at night. In winter fish behavior changes and active biting of a predator can be and dusk, and in the middle of the day. But often a balance beam catch walleye in the morning and evening. And the ideal option would be night fishing.


Walleye can reach a weight of several kilograms, therefore tackle should choose high-quality and durable. For fishing on the balancer should consider the following:

  1. The rod must be very strong – strong walleye’s mouth and you need to make great efforts to break through its hook. The optimal length – 40-70 see
  2. Nod hard, which will make a strong trip and will provide enough sharp movements of the balance during the game.
  3. For coil there are no requirements other than strength. Many anglers do prefer to choose the line with his hands, claiming that it can sometimes be less gatherings of fish.
  4. The scaffold should match the bait and fishing conditions. For example, the thinner fishing line, the less it blows in the water, but the more it stretches. In addition, you should take into account the size of production. The best option is monofilament fishing line thickness 0,25-0,30 mm Braided line to take is not recommended – it is highly dubeet in the cold, losing elasticity, which is bad for the game bait. The stock rods of 100-150 meters.

The choice of balancer

A balancer is artificial bait made in the shape of a small fish. Usually comes with three hooks to the head and tail welded single hooks sting up, from bottom movably attached to the tee. Eyelet for attaching a fishing line located on the back, so the bait is in the horizontal position in the water as mimicking the natural behavior of the fish.

On the balancer you can catch different predators, most importantly, to match the characteristics of the lure.

balansia for catching walleye

Features balance weights for walleye fishing:

1. Size. The small rocker to catch walleye is not very efficient, so optimum length is 7-8 cm. of Course, you can use other sizes depending on the size of the fish in the pond. At a depth of 9-10 meters used by large and heavy bait with a length of 9-12 cm, is able to quickly reach the bottom. Accordingly, balancers, 5-6 cm in length for snags and shallow coastal zones.

Weight balancer for walleye is usually 10-16 ounces.

2. Color. The most productive are the balance weights, spinners, the color of which is similar to the production of pike perch roach, perch. At a small depth it is necessary to apply the dark shades on the large – acid and silver.

Great importance is the color of the «belly» of the lure – it should be orange or red.

It is impossible with absolute certainty to say which colors will be most successful, so you should have a few different baits, changing them in the process of fishing.

3. Plumage. This part is very important as it determines the feature of the game balancer.

There are 3 main types:

• Bladeless. The bait tail is a brush made of stiff thread or fur. The game is smooth, the amplitude of movement is small. Actual gluhozime when the predator is very sluggish and inactive.

• Blade. In the tail of the bait is located, and the blade is made of plastic, which is the steering wheel and provides a trajectory with large amplitude. Used in pergolide and at the end of winter, when predator activity is high.

• Combined balance wheels. Have both the blade and the brush. Can be used at any time when fishing up to 10 meters.

Tactics for catching walleye on the balancer in the winter

For each fish has its own tactics of fishing. There are two main ways of conduct when fishing for pike from the ice on the balancer:

1. Waiting at one point. In the place of the alleged Parking or passage of walleye drilled a few holes and the fisherman is still waiting for the approach of fish.

2. Search by water body. One or more fishermen actively move on the ice, trying to find a pack of striped predator.


A feature of the balancer is that the predator reacts mainly to movement of the lure. A simple lowering of the gear in the water will not bring the desired result. In this regard, the technique of the game the balance should be paid maximum attention.

The wiring options there are many and the choice depends not only on the model of the lure, but the weather conditions, the availability of flow and so on.

Common ways to play a balancer:

  1. The easiest. The rod rises about a meter and sharply descends. The lure sharply away to one side, attracting the attention of fish. Followed by a short pause and a gradual tightening of the balancer. Bite often occurs at this moment. The pause ranges from 5 to 10 seconds, depending on activity of fish. Best of all, this method to apply in early winter.
  2. The balancer touches the bottom, followed by a rise of 10-15 cm and a sharp stroke of the rod picks up the bait 35-40 cm Rod returns to its original position, allowing the rocker to slowly sink down. During the descent occurs by bite. Between strokes, be sure long pause of 10-20 seconds.
  3. For not all fishermen like to use a rocker – his movements are too jerky and unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to take special weighted model, able to withstand the current of water. The game is played without pauses and consists of two parts – the lift, reset. Lift slowly, on a small height. During descent, the lure turns and makes a leap to the side.

The main rule is that fishing for walleye on the balancer should start with touching the bottom bait.

In the game you can use these techniques:

  • Tapping the lure on the ground – it will be like digging this fish feed and additionally will attract the attention of a predator.
  • During lifting can be made small vibrations and jerking tackle.
  • The same game for a total fishing time will tire the fish and the fisherman. To change their approach in the absence of bites every few minutes.
  • In late winter the perch off after flocks of fry closer to the surface, so you should try to play a balancer in 1-15 meters from the bottom.
  • Most bites happen during pauses, so they need to pay maximum attention. Their duration can reach one minute. The longest stay is typical for the period of gluhozime when the fish are sluggish and are reluctant to go even on the catchability tackle.
  • At one and the same game different models of rocker arms are moving a completely different trajectory. In this regard, you can try to change the bait and continue to catch the same way.
  • You should exclude the strong sweeping strokes. Walleye like monotonous game, so movement should be the same.
  • You can start fishing with small rises by 10-15 cm and light twitching of the bait. If the bite did not happen, the technique of the game should change.
  • To improvise while playing very helpful. To predict the behavior of the fish can not be in every case efficient the game will be different. Each fisherman has their secrets, posting tackle, which are produced over the years.

Fishing for walleye on the balancer to vzimku

To successfully fish the fisherman should take into account weather conditions, especially the pond and time of fishing. All of these factors will tell you what tactics in order to elect to return with the loot.

Useful tips that help to increase your catch:

• It is not necessary to go fishing with only one arm. Should stock up on a few lures in various models and sizes, choosing in the process of catching the catchability.

• You can quickly and easily change the bait in the cold, if not tie him to the line, and use the clasp.

• Better to have a 2-3 gear with nods to different stiffness and different diameter of fishing line – this will allow you to quickly select the tackle to the size of the prey.

• The sharpness of the hooks of the balance is the key to successful hooking and playing fish predator.

• The most efficient game – a simulation of the movements of a wounded fish.

• If the hole happened the bite, is to stay close to her and next to drill the holes no further than 5-7 meters. In most cases, there is a whole flock of striped predators.

• Beginners will be useful to test the balancer in the tub filled with water. You can easily track its movement during the strokes of the rod, and to develop their tactics and range of motion.

• If the pike aren’t biting, you should not spend more than 20 minutes on one hole.

• To understand whether there are fish in the hole or not, you need to make about 15-20 cycles game balancer.

Of course, fishing for walleye from the ice on the balancer requires a good experience and precise motion from the angler. But beginners should remember that the experience comes in when fishing and do not be afraid to practice new ways, moreover, the balancer allows to catch even captured individuals.

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