Fishing for walleye on spinning in the fall

The performance of walleye fishing on spinning in the fall, primarily depends on a successful choice of the place of harvest. If you discover this Parking lot, in all respects, a remarkable fish, the size of the catch can strike even the experienced angler.

As soon as water temperatures drop, pike begin to take the lure with greed. This, of course, due to seasonal Joram. Weather forecast for clowne «fanged» at this time affects not so strongly as in the summer months.

In the middle of autumn, and in early October, the pike is most often found where they were caught in the summer. In particular, he can be on the coastal shallows, stay at half depth in the middle and a strong current. Later, he goes into the deeper parts of the reservoir where it collects in flocks. To catch walleye spinning at this time should be among the driftwood, on the slopes of the deep, still waters and rivers.

The best fishing for walleye on spinning during this period is from the boat – so much easier to get to its habitat. As for spinning rods, it is desirable to take «the stick» fast system with a length of 2.5-2.7 meters with the test not more than forty grams.

Depending on the place chosen for trolling, use a rotating spinner and crankbaits with the appropriate depth. Also widely used various jig baits and foam fish, which are sometimes much more effective than the most expensive lures. Transaction bait is recommended to make uniform and stepped. This technique of fishing it is desirable to put on the hooks antennae against the hooks.

Best time of day for walleye fishing on spinning in the fall are considered to be the morning, evening and night hours. Then he pecks quite close to the shore. Day the pike takes the bait much worse. Although of course much depends on luck and the skill of the spinner.

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