Fishing for walleye on live bait

The Zander is a predatory fish, one of the methods of fishing, live bait fishing. Usually use the handle of elongated shape, gudgeon, bleak, roach or Dace. The hook you need to choose depending on the size of the bait, it is not necessary to start from the size of walleye you want to catch.

If the reservoir is weak or stagnant water, it is necessary to use a float tackle. The advantages of this fishing is that you will be able to sh in a large area, also float tackle is good in places where a lot of driftwood. Most fishermen enjoy when watching a float waiting for the fish to bite. The float need to pick up such that it at the time of the bite of a predator had no resistance. It is best to use a sliding float. This float is ideal where there is a lot of driftwood because at the time pulling walleye out of the water, it takes a vertical position, the less likely to hold on to them for the snag.

If a large depth, and there are no snags, then you need to use a ground rod. Live bait can be put below the cargo, and on a leash. If cutting is active, it is necessary to impose on the single hook. If the baitfish are less active, it is best to place him on snastochki. Snastochki is a special needle with a hook that goes through the fish, and the other side hanging double hook. The handle will not get away with snastochki, and will not scare away the predator. Fishing with such gear is good because it eliminates idle bite. For this tackle you need to use a leash, whose length is 0.5 m, and on it the fish will look lively and will attract walleye.

If you catch a walleye on live bait it is not necessary to use a rough tackle, because the predator is extremely careful. Line thickness 0.25 mm is well suited for this kind of fishing hook, preferably a double.

Good fishing from the boat, then it will be easier to throw the gear under the snag. The best fishing for walleye on live bait – it is late spring and early summer. At this time, fry rolls in a reservoir, where it waits for the predator. Also, it is important to hooking walleye during the bite. If the predator swallow the bait and continues to move, then you need to strike it immediately, should wait a bit.


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