Fishing for walleye in the winter

If you take a winter fishing, the walleye is probably the most popular fish among the fishermen. The reasons for this are many. First, of course, is the exceptional taste of the meat of this fish. Meat walleye considered a true delicacy, as it is very tasty and has virtually no bones. Well, the second is that this fish inhabits most of the major reservoirs of our country.

Plus its impressive size, sometimes reaching up to five or six pounds, and make it the most desired catch among the fishermen who specialize on catching predators. So, let’s examine everything in order:

What is the main food of pike-perch for walleye in the winter?

Small perch, which only came to light typically feed on various zooplankton, but growing up, start switches to fry the other Rome. As for big walleye, then it should be said that the diet he is much expanded. Among his favorite treats are the minnows, Dace, roach. In most cases, he prefers to eat a narrow species of fish. Larger individuals may be willing to profit a small frog.

What are the most popular hunting areas and habitat of walleye in the winter?

It is believed that pergolide, perch need to catch where it was caught in autumn and summer. As a rule, large fractures of the bottom edge of snags located near the riverbed of small hills or pits. It is believed that during this period, fishing for walleye is most successful, as the ice is not too thick, and the water is very strongly impregnated with oxygen, which makes the fish more active. But with the increase of ice thickness, pike try to avoid very great depths, and prefer, and follows the main channel of the river.

What are the most common gear for catching this fish in the winter?

For successful walleye fishing in the winter, each angler must have a fishing rod with a length of about seventy centimeters, which should be equipped with an elastic tip, for fixation of the bite and correct the game of spoon. Fishing line should be of diameter not more than 0.35 mm, a line not too noticeable, and will allow the angler to pull a fairly heavy production. If You catch not too big walleye, it is advisable to apply a fishing line 0.25 mm

Also, the rod must be retractable by the brakes. Recommended diameter of winding of a scaffold, about 80 mm. Experienced fishermen always take a few turnkey rods. First, cases of separation of the line you can go to catch another fishing rod, and secondly, walleye can be very hard to swallow the prey, and in order not to waste time on removing it from the hook, you can just quickly use the spare rod, thereby saving precious seconds.

What are the most popular lure for catching walleye in the winter?

Winter is the most common method of catching walleye is trolling. Some anglers prefer to catch on to the imitation fish. But this trip will appeal not to everyone. Most prefer the spinner. For «hunting» for walleye during this time, you need to use a narrow spoon with a length of about five to eight inches. The most popular material for the manufacture of lures is considered to be brass, white metal. The lure must be equipped with a hook, and definitely at the end of red hairs.

As the walleye bite in the winter?

In most cases, the walleye bite is quite noticeable to the hands of the angler. It can be felt a strong jolt or a feeling of heaviness on the hook. An exception may be the moment when the bite occurred at the time of the free plan the spinner, or when the predator lifted the spoon from the bottom. In these cases, the bites look like small indulgences line. But in all cases it is necessary to make sharp cutting, or it may be lost.

How to draw out walleye in the winter?

Special zeal this fish is no different. The most important thing for fishing wait the first, this fish has the strongest resistance. But then, the power is low. Only felt the ice again, he begins to Balk, but as soon as the angler manages to get him at least partially out of the water, immediately calms down. For common people walleye is fast asleep, just a few minutes.


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