Fishing for walleye in the winter time

Many anglers will agree that walleye is one of the most desired trophies, especially in the winter. Pike a close relative of the perch, but to catch it, especially the hook, is much more complicated. To catch walleye in the winter, it takes a lot of work, as it has to search around the pond and drilling a lot of holes. Though sometimes there are good days for fishing, and this predator can be detected almost immediately.


Pikeperch is a predatory fish, so to use fishing, or live bait, or artificial head simulating a live fish. In some cases the use of dead fish and pieces of fish and earthworms. Choose live bait should be based on the this particular pond. What small fish live in it, and what size there comes across the pike. In many reservoirs this predator is caught in bleak, vendace, perch, roach and gudgeon.


Without the fulfillment of certain requirements to tackle, to successfully catch walleye in the winter is almost impossible. To withstand powerful jerking of this fish, the rod must be sturdy. The whip should provide a solid attenuation with the bite , and provide a clear break crochet solid lip perch. The reel on the fishing rod needs to be large enough as very often, the walleye need to be raised from great depths, and balling small coil of fishing line will be quite long and laborious. Moreover, when fishing for pike is often necessary to change the hole, and the line has to be cut constantly.

The habitat of the walleye.

In the short winter days, it is very important to discover fast fish, you need to know what places prefers to hunt this predator.

More profitable places for fishing walleye is near the snags and snags, edge, hills or pits which are close to rivers. In large lakes it is often possible to detect this predator, at great depth, where there is uneven bottom. More profitable is fishing for walleye at first ice, as at present, this predator is still quite active and often moved from one place to another. But with the onset of winter, the walleye like most fish become inactive, and all the more difficult becomes the prey of this predator. At this time, a more effective organized fishing a group of fishermen, a few organized people will be able to more quickly find fish.

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