Fishing for walleye in the spring

Among the fishermen there is a perception that spring is not the best time for walleye fishing. But fishing for walleye in the spring is just held by a different method in contrast to the summer fishing.

When spring fishing for walleye way to look for a Parking space and fish to identify the bait. And behavior of walleye in the spring rather than other habits and rules. Pike generally prefers to sit on inside, at night – on the rocks. In the spring pike can stand having crowded flocks, at a depth of two to six metres at depths more than ten or twelve meters.

For walleye fishing in the spring, fishermen have the same guns as in summer fishing. For such fishing the use of a rigid rod with a soft end, has a length from 2.5 m to 3.5 m, and the compact coil, the clutch having sufficient capacity and a reserve of fishing line to the spool.

Fishing for walleye in the spring does not require the use of reinforced reels, because in the spring when the walleye fish resists less than when fishing in the summer. For spring fishing for walleye you need to use only braided line.

In the spring a good time to catch walleye on a jig. Fishermen prefer to use vibrohvosta length from three to eight inches. It is best to use vibrohvosta Predator black and gray. Well also suitable for fishing for walleye in the spring vibrohvosta Manns or ProfiBlinker. Black-grey or black-green bait that has a small amount of glitter, usually causes a rapid reaction of the perch, and he enthusiastically starts biting.

Spawning of pike perch, like all fish held in the spring. The spawning period may be in April, and in late may, as determined by climatic conditions. Before spawning the walleye feeding period starts. At this time spring fishing for walleye can be most effective.

At the end of the spawning season the males perch tend to go underground to their nests to guard the eggs are delayed from their enemies. To determine the exact time of this period of catching you need to consider that this period usually coincides with the flood in the time of the rapid influx of water. This time can last about two weeks. Every cast when fishing for pike in the spring it was in this period able to make a catch. Then the bite suddenly stopped.

During the cease-biting walleye can be used to search for locations for new bites. With this purpose it is necessary to explore the river by boat. Zander prefers to gather in flocks, but the flock could be anywhere. The location of flocks of walleyes depends on the shape of the bottom. But you can consider that typically the pike perch prefers to walk under the bridges in places where the neighborhood may be selling for. But most of all, of course, Zander, lives in quiet river sections with slow flow.

Fishing for walleye in the spring in search of perch requires a lengthy journey on the river checking a large number of sites. When detected, sounder a good cavity or breakage, you need to make a few casts. If in this area of biting no, you should not linger, it is better to weigh anchor and search for walleye.

Fishing for walleye in the spring can be performed using different modalities. Sometimes the perch are biting well at even leading, the rest of the time he responds better to speed the transaction. Most anglers are lure slowly, then raise the rod, using a small podmahivala line.

When well-found place you can catch walleye on it for the whole day. Unfortunately, a large walleye in the spring is rare. Mostly when fishing for walleye in the spring caught fish from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. Sometimes you may have a five-pound pike.

For spring fishing on walleye angler should not miss the moment when the water begins to grow quickly. As soon as a rise of water, you can go fishing. Biting walleye can be active with the peak of the flood and to the end. The quality of the fish, as a rule, depends on the weather conditions.

When fishing for pike in the spring with the warming water the fish gets smaller, which is evidence of the start of walleye spawning. Fish for walleye in the spring is characterized by its sharp, quick ending.

Knowing the habits of perch and using the advice of experienced anglers, you can always when fishing for walleye in the spring to get a good catch.


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