Fishing for walleye in the fall on live bait

The meat of the walleye is substantially free of bones while possessing a great taste. Therefore, the capture of a large instance of this fish-a great success even for experienced fishermen.

This is a very strong fish. You must have good muscles and a necessary minimum of knowledge for successful walleye fishing.

Preferably, the pike lives in the irregularities of the bottom of the pond, is sometimes found among coastal vegetation. This suggests that the more at the bottom of available shelters for the predator, the higher the chance of catching a good instance.

Baitfish are often the nozzles used when fishing for pike.It is advisable to choose fish with a length of 10 centimeters.It is better to use large bait fish(walleye, even large, not overly large jaw).Good roach. bream or perch.

A great predator is also a good idea and roach weights of 300-400 grams.Working here we all know the rule of fishing:the more you want to catch fish, the greater must be the bait.

Beginners who are not familiar with the technique of fishing with live bait, often the question arises, how to bait the hook. Typically, live bait is pushed back, approximately between the head and the top fin(tip of the hook should be directed in the direction of the head). Some skewer the fish through the upper lip, but this method is designed to catch medium-sized instances.When fishing for matter the type of hook, equally well-used and triple, and single.An important role is not the kind of hook and size.The main rule that he was no longer bait.

Often used when fishing for pike float tackle, but it (like any other) has advantages and disadvantages. Optimal float rod when fishing in stagnant water or low flow.

The main advantage of using float tackle is the almost complete lack of hooks (if you compare with other types of gear) when fishing in tight areas where a large number of bushes or debris, it is practically impossible to use a different type of equipment. Another important advantage: angler with the float rod for a shorter time will be able to bypass more potential than one who uses tackle

A clear lack of walleye fishing on the float–the complexity of fishing on rivers with fast current. Fishing line that floats over the float, discourages careful predator.

When fishing for pike in the fall season required long-range casting, a fishing rod is better to equip a sliding float medium size. Float use medium-duty, about 3 grams, otherwise, when using a test with more than 3 grams, will provide strong resistance to biting fish cautious fish just spit the bait.

The sinker is about 30-40 inches from the hook. So we will provide more freedom to the bait fish (perch attracts only live fish!).The choice of hook for fishing, mentioned above. Don’t need much only focus on the hook-tee, perch willingly takes on a simple single hook. If fishing will be in snag place, avoid frequent snags will help hook with anti hook( the loop on the hook).

Zander doesn’t like a hard tackle, so it’s best to use a soft monofilament with a diameter of from 0.2 to 0.3 millimeters. In the presence of pike in the place of walleye fishing, it is desirable to use a metal leash. In the absence of a leash you can replace it with braided fishing line. But even with conventional monofilament you can lose the hook with live bait.

The rod for float fishing for walleye on live fish is to use a minimum length of 3 meters.When fishing reed beds or with a plumb Bob this length allows easier catching and towing.Also will more accurately deliver bait to the desired location.

Novice anglers usually catch walleye from shore. But the experienced fisherman knows that fishing from a boat is much preferable because it helps to get to hard to reach areas for a major trophy.

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