Fishing for walleye in September

Perch for any angler always remains the coveted trophy. This fish is interesting not only for its behavior, but the process of catching. Perch not lurking its prey in ambush like a pike, he pursues it until then, until it is in his teeth. Fishing for walleye in September, yielding an average fishing trophies weighing up to 4 kg However, there are more large specimens weighing up to 12 kg

Feeds on perch during the day in two stages. The first lasts from early dawn to sunrise. The second one takes place after sunset in complete darkness and is considered more intense. Greed and voracity of this fish is superior to the pike. Zander resistant and very strong, in the pursuit of intended prey. Sometimes in the heat of the chase, he crashes in shallow water or on shore where it could easily become easy prey.

September is one of the best periods for catching walleye. And successful fishing continues throughout the month, whodas only in rainy weather with strong winds and rapid changes in pressure. Fishing for walleye in September in a special fine, but it also has its negative aspects. One of them is the fact that the most intense biting occurs at night. In the dark spinning will not be able to enjoy full freedom in casting and posting of bait, that in itself is not very comfortable. In September fishing for pike anglers can use a variety of lures, but they should be narrow and elongated shape reminiscent of a bleak. Of living tips is perfect minnows, ruffe, alchiki, small skimmers. Wider and large fish are not as effective, as the mouth of a small perch, and swallow a bait, he just can’t.

To be most effective when fishing for pike in September , you can use a jig bait. The fishermen carry out the transaction speed of the bait to the bottom. Baits can be a usual foam rubber fish, silicone vibrohvost and twisters. Their size should not exceed 12 cm, and the weight of the jig should be chosen taking into account the strength of the flow. During the bait must be periodically raised and lowered to the bottom until it touches the shore or boat.

There is one small trick that will help fishermen when fishing for pike in September. Let managed to find the flock perch, but the bite in her pretty fickle: fish hits the bait, then presses it to the bottom, which does not allow to locate the source. In this case, come to the aid of miniature bait. Such a bait falling to the bottom, will interest even the most sleepy and lazy perch, because small size allows her to swallow without much effort, without resorting to the pursuit. Then everything will depend on fishing. Pike grabs the bait is not too harsh, but after a take, it is necessary to make a drastic cutting, as in most cases it is pinpoint for bony jaw, and less so for the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

After a successful hooking walleye definitely need to move. This applies particularly to large species, otherwise they will try to hide behind a stone or to go in driftwood, pull where it will be quite problematic. As a rule, resists perch briefly, the main focus happens immediately after hooking.


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