Fishing for walleye in October

October is one of the best periods for catching walleye. The fish are biting equally well both day and night. In the middle of autumn, the biting of a pike is more assured, and the effectiveness of fishing is much higher than in any other time. Among the fishermen there is a tendency that the closer to winter, the more will be trophies and stronger bite. Therefore, this month is ideal for honing skills and capture of the captured specimens.

Fishing for walleye in October is characterized in that the fish starts to go deep in search of a suitable pit for the winter. The fish are very energetic and actively moves over the pond. If we can find a trace Zander of the pack, the result is never long to wait. And bite, as a rule, follow one another, giving the impression that pike all the time waiting for your bait.

The concentration of a predator often occurs in areas of the riverbed with little or enhancements. Walleye, mostly stray predator, so from year to year it is parked, as a rule, are subject to change. This puts additional pressure on the angler, who annually during the walleye fishing in October have to search for them again. Zander flocks, roaming on the water, can stay in any place to replenish their food stocks. For fishing you’ll be lucky to get it in this place.

Fishermen often wonder: What is the most effective tackle for walleye fishing in October? According to experts, more productive spinning tackle with various equipment. The choice of method of fishing will always depend on fishing spot. And yet spinning is the tackle, which is indispensable for fishing in October. Recently the increasing popularity start to use jig baits, which are most versatile due to its lower cost. They allow anglers with well-honed fishing skills to attract even the lazy fish. Fishing for walleye in October with jig baits will be very effective in small creeks and in ponds with uneven bottoms and plenty of obstacles. In addition, using the jig you can always feel the bottom, which is extremely important, especially if fishing takes place in an unfamiliar body of water.

Jig baits are not inferior lures. Moreover, some anglers even claim that this is the most efficient lure for catching walleye in October. To ensure that the catching process went as efficiently as possible, we must not forget about proper wiring of this bait. When carrying out it is necessary constantly to change its character and speed. Pike can grab the bait with slow reeling. However, it is noticed that most often he likes energetic and quick transaction, which gives him time to think about their safety and contains only fish predator instinct. The nature and speed of transactions can be adjusted by means of the coil or of the rod. The bait is preferably carried out as close as possible to the place of the alleged ambush of a predator. Naturally, the probability of loss of bait, caught on a snag, in such a transaction increases significantly. But the probability of biting fish and also increases many times.

In October, the pike grabs the bait very aggressively and tries to swallow it completely, and in time fights to the last. Therefore, fishing at this time of year is always very excitable and unpredictable.

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