Fishing for walleye in November

Pike – the coveted trophy of any fisherman, the capture of which is often a lot more interesting and desirable any other predator. Comparing Zander bite at different times of the year, we can safely say that fishing for walleye in November is the most productive occupation. At this time, the fish accumulates in the wintering holes, so if you manage to get to a place catching one fish here is not limited. In late autumn, the biting of a pike is more decisive and takes it very confidently.

The shoots are extremely rare, because the bait is swallowed by a fish almost immediately and without certain games like in the summer months. If to speak about the time of day when the walleye bite most productive, this night, because we are talking about a night predator. But it is not a dogma, because fishing for walleye in November help at almost any time. However, experienced fishermen say 2 time periods: a evening just before sunset and early morning. A certain signal to start fishing as the first November frosts.

Favorite campsites, and this means the best walleye fishing in November is the deepest parts of the reservoir. In late fall the fish begin to gather in small flocks of a few individuals, heading closer to the presumed wintering grounds. However, the way this may take some time. On the way Zander stops and stays in food-rich areas, thereby restoring spent force. If you managed to find such a place, consider yourself lucky. In one such place you can catch a few weighty specimens. If the biting has stopped, do not despair. To this place you can come the next day and continue fishing. In choosing a fishing rod for walleye fishing in November should consider its rigidity. Of course, it is possible to use and versatile, suitable for catching other fish but walleye is desirable that it is the most hard. This will ensure precise and quick cutting, and will be more comfortable when casting heavy bait.

When choosing a spinning rod should be guided by the following indicators: a test of the cargo – 40g, length 1.8 to 3M, increased rigidity. Do not pay attention to this variation in length, since this parameter depends on method of fishing. When fishing from the shore the rod is better to take longer and the boat is shorter.

Many fishermen tormented by the question: what method of walleye fishing in November is most effective. First and foremost it will depend on the conditions and location of fishing. Observed that to be more productive fishing for trolling or jigging. Trolling, usually you can catch the larger specimens. But jig is perfect for places with a lot of obstacles for trolling. Zander lures knows a lot, but in November are best suited Wobbler.

I want to draw attention to fishing for pike in November on the bottom gear, which are very effective, especially at night. But it’s very important to choose the place of fishing, because the fishing itself will be held stationary. Fish is very greedy, so the donkey is suitable for almost any handle. But it is advisable to opt for the roach or bleak. It is very important to the vitality of the bait as the fish fell asleep immediately change. For successful walleye fishing in November, be sure to change the speed and nature of the meeting. There are, of course, the instances that take on slow posting, but often need it soon. In this case, the bite will be more determined and confident, because the fish will not be simple time looking at the bait, and she’ll grab it without much thought.


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