Fishing for walleye in may

Anglers in may closely monitor a gathering of the main water meadow flood plains, because after that may begin a course of pre-spawning walleye. It was at this time quite fanged predator actively feeds on. Just a wonderful pre-spawning feeding period can happen in early may. And let this Golden period lasts only a week or two, he is remembered for a long time. This facilitates fishing and provides anglers the confidence the fact that this predator every season usually goes to their spawning grounds unchanged paths. Immediately before the actual spawning walleye behaves quite specific. And if other species of fish on your wedding flock, Fang is acting exactly the opposite. Walks not shoals and diverges in small flocks, which are then split up into pairs and go to the spawning grounds. After spawning the pike did not immediately go to deeper areas, and jealously guards its walls. In this instantly catches on any enemy, right about to his progeny, including on a variety of spinning lures.

Quick profit with a strong water turbidity can weaken the biting of a pike up to its full termination. But if the water in may is starting to subside, and the visibility reaches at least two feet, you can start hunting for walleye. Two feet is the result of fishing practices. Experienced anglers come to the river, is pierced with a thin rod small bright (white or yellow) Ripper and dipped in the muddy stream by a specified distance. If the bait is at least a little visible to the human eye, immediately uncover the spinning, if not – go upstream.

With a strong rise of water is often priceplay the bushes, which in summer are on a steep Bank. But spring in such places is a lot of stuff after her and Zander. Catch in such areas need utmost care. Sudak in may there very shy. Best spinning bait for him is a small floating wobblers. It and can throw far and do slow posting just. Most often used lures of the type rafalowska «contada». Pick up the bait calm and natural colors. Spinners not show himself from the best side: heavy plow bottom, and the light will not fly. Perch without fear takes no closer than 20 meters. At such catching every cast should be treated with full responsibility. After all, if the lure on the branch of a Bush, the next fuss will scare Zander. Moreover, with a careless neglect of the surrounding branches threaten to damage the rod. If pike somehow identified himself, then linger in this place longer. It happens that one and the same Wobbler stir predator only after a dozen casts. Sometimes it works the principle of changing lures. Usually brightly coloured «kolotnikov» Zander avoids. But there fishing when empty after numerous Postings crankbait natural colors, quick replace the bait poisonous colors and gives the walleye bite. You can experiment and with the method of the posting. But most of the bites brings a uniform slow retrieve when the lure is at a shallow depth, leaving a «moustache».

Spring Bank heavily overgrown, sometimes even unavailable. And can cause problems with spinning. Short up to 2.4 m to move much easier and easier. However, it is often necessary wiring bait along the coast, i.e. near the ground, threatening to open gear. And you can only long spinning, allowing you to pull the lure from the dangerous place. Ideally, a good idea to carry two rods. The main spinning 2.4 m and a spare 4-meter telescope. The latter transitions can be quickly folded and use it in difficult fishing conditions.

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