Fishing for walleye in March

The beginning of the first month of spring from winter fishing is a little different. Freezing in the morning, a reminder that winter is not yet handed over their positions and the ice is still on ponds. Considering all these facts, in the first half of March, walleye usually caught on the same tackle that is used in the winter. Vertical jigging when fishing for pike during this period would be most useful. The effect of the use of such gear is much higher, to the same angler that for the first half of March is especially important, it becomes very mobile. Pike, before the first edge, prefers to stay in areas bordering the channel and at the mouths of streams and small rivers. You should not count on a big catch when fishing at great depths during this period. For the first half of March, as tackle, perfect winter fishing rod with any reel. To pay attention to when choosing a rod should be on the whip — it needs to be durable and resilient, and the coil is the most important – the ability to quickly reset the line. Fishing line diameter of 0.4 mm should be used for several reasons. First, the thinner the thread will crash in hand, because almost all fishing line will be in the hands. Second, the diameter of fishing line affects the play of the spinner and choose a more subtle option will have a major impact on the total catch. When choosing lures for walleye fishing in early March, you should pay attention to the color. In form they should resemble a narrow fish not more than 12 cm in length. The choice of color of the spinner depends on where you will be fishing, but rather from the soil. On a rocky bottom it is recommended to use bait silver colors, but for sandy soil the best would be yellow. This method of fishing fanged suitable for the first half of March, over spring will come into its own. As soon as the sun will warm the stronger will appear the first rim. During this period, Zander is recommended to look at small depths in petrukovich where it begins its spring hunt. Until the end of March, when the ice is almost gone, perch, gathered in flocks, starts his «stroke». At this time the flocks go upstream until, while on the way will not meet the dam or other obstacle, or just move to suitable spawning locations. Experienced anglers in search of walleye exploit such places as tackle is use spinning. When choosing a spinning should pay attention to the tip – it should be soft, in length the rod should not exceed 3.5 meters. In the coil, which is placed on the spinning should be strong clutch and small size. High resistance to walleye when the fish are not expected because it is not there either in March or in other seasons of fishing. And since there is no resistance, and power characteristics of the coils are of little value. When fishing in rivers with strong current and not only, recommend to use fishing line braided. During this period, Mar is the most effective shows itself, using jig lures. Vibrohvosta length from 3 to 7 cm can also bring a good catch. Can be used with soft lures. Most importantly — what you should pay attention to is the color of the lure. If at the beginning of March was used shades of silver and yellow colors by late March, at the pike perch, interest in dark colors. However, if the lure has a small sequin, this will worsen the bite, but rather will make it more active.Trophy fish caught in March is very rare. The bulk of the catch will consist of perch weighing up to six kilograms. You also need to remember that the ban on fishing in different regions occurs different. Follow the news of their region to avoid useless problems. A good bite!

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