Fishing for walleye in June

For all anglers the perch is perhaps the most desirable prey. This fish has very tasty meat that will impress not only the common man but also gourmet fish dishes. However, before you try this unusual meat, we need to catch him, which is not so easy. With the onset of the June month perch , switching over to summer mode. During this period, he not so much hungry, as, for example, in may, so count on the crazy catch is not necessary. Unlike spring fishing, starting from June walleye you catch and broke, which at that time inhabited by many small fish. Only necessary to change the bait on the lure or soft bait with small weights. But this is fishing on the rocks, but the depth should be applied to old lures, but they are few utegaliev. Given that pike – a predator twilight, the best time to catch the falls on a late evening or night. But the place is to choose a day, as the perch kind of neat, and prefers clean and fresh water, and avoids the brushwood and dirty water. Techniques for catching walleye close to the technique of catching such fish as pike. The main feature of this technique is the bait, which must necessarily be narrow torso. In mid — June caught, usually females, since males are still reeling from worries about offspring. At this time the females to rest up after spawning, and will be collected at a depth of approximately 5 – 10 meters. Most walleye activity at this time should not expect, therefore, to catch big females requires a specific approach. Females usually rest in the pits, so their output is put anchored circles. In this period the fish is in a fairly passive state, but approached to «nose» the bait still forced walleye to be caught on the hook. You only need to find the location of the pit. It’s quite simple — the most appropriate location for the pit is the brow with sudden changes in depth. Approximately within 200 meters you need to find a place without currents, with a rocky bottom. In this place is to throw the previously prepared cups. After you should wait about half an hour, and if you have not waited for the bite, you should go to another place. Using this method you can find «shelter» walleye. Another condition for a good catch of walleye fishing will be early, because in the middle of June, the walleye are biting in the earlier time, about nine to ten hours. Therefore, day and night fishing for walleye may not bring in the catch. And that even if found the hole. 20 days of June, the walleye begins to feed actively, this period of complete recovery after spawning. To catch fish is not difficult if to take into account the basic rules of migration flocks perch. For example, 2 hours a night perch lives in shallow water. From 5 to 9 p.m. fish feeds on the deep edge. And then the pack begins to move actively in the reservoir, which complicates the process of finding the pack. And in the evening perch again returns to the deep edge.

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