Fishing for walleye in July

Zander is a fish of the order Perciformes length up to one meter and weighing 2-4 kg. Body elongated; scales small, mouth large, the jaws are strong fangs. The walleye has two dorsal fins, the first thorns that can easily prick the hands. The back is painted in yellow-green color.

Pike – powerful predator, cruel and greedy. In the queue for food is not worth it, will always be able to select better-even with relatives. Young specimens, their behavior is similar to the perch – after all, they are relatives. Fishermen believe that fish are stupid, the nature of her behavior is evil and unpredictable. Habitats include rivers and reservoirs, except for mountain areas. Spawns in may when the temperature is 20 degrees, the spawning takes place early in the morning and evening.

In the summer the Parking lots of walleye there are places with a sharp drop of depths. It’s a cluttered space, pools, holes with snags. Lover also stand near the bridge near the supports. Large individuals prefer to hunt and live alone. Food of walleye is due to the smaller fish – gobies, bleak, minnows. Intensive feeding occurs in the spring and during autumn migration. Especially likes to hunt in the shallows, lashing out at the fish from behind cover. Time out to shallow water, its a game similar to the game perch, but without any chewing.

If the pike is a predator, and catch it on live bait or artificial bait. Also, be aware that the larger the biting observed in July month. Predator illegible, bite on any bait. Then its intensity decreases and increases in the autumn during the migration.

Ways of fishing walleye a lot. But the bait stick should be on snastochki of the two hooks, the bait must be active. Throw it need to have shoals on the border of fast and slow currents. Large cuttings Zander does not like, as he has a narrow throat. Bite performs sharply and decisively, grabbing the bait continues to move against the current. Is slobodschina. Sometimes biting in July, the month sharply weakened, in this case, it is necessary to change the bait.

All year round you can catch walleye on a float. It is important to find experimentally the depth of release from the bait fish, the latter should be at the bottom, it is important that the bait fish were actively moving.

In the month of July in the deepest pits of pike you can catch in a plumb from a boat. The rod will fit average length (2.4 to 2.7 m), hard, coil needs to be fast, instantaneous. Leash 60-80cm, diameter 0,22-0,3 mm. the Boat moves downstream, the bait is desirable to raise and lower to the bottom. It was at this point happen bite.

Among anglers, many supporters of walleye fishing on spinning. You should use the rigid structure of the rod with a reel. Bait – spinner. They can be different and spin and sway. Their weight depends on the depth of fishery, the rate of flow. Perch picks the one with the spoon, which is similar to the fish pond. In recent years, increasingly used by twisters and vibrohvost. Here the main thing – the big movement to the bait. Sometimes very catchability is jiggery head that wears the stalk. Also in the month of July shall apply the sinking lure, they love small perch.

To draw out the predator is easy, after two or three shots allows the fish to pull ashore. Only large specimens (5-7kg) may not notice the resistance of the tackle and continue on your way. Then to stop the fish very difficult. In any case the angler should provide resistance Zander – fishing line should be taut.

I must say that in the month of July to seduce fatted, well-fed walleye, you have to use all known methods and techniques.

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