Fishing for walleye in January

Throughout the winter, the pike are actively moving around the pond in search of food. That is why a fisherman should not rule out winter fishing season month of gluhozime as fishing for walleye in January can bring very good results. The only rule is that the fisherman must be in constant search of Zander stops. When fishing on large bodies of water, finding the pack alone is very difficult. Have a lot of Natrual legs, to have something to catch. To reduce the search area you can watch the other fishermen who have caught 12 perch. The growth of ice perch begins to avoid too deep, and places where the bottom is covered with aquatic vegetation. Look for it there in the middle of winter is useless.

Noticed that pike is very demanding on the quality of the water and enriching it with oxygen. So he tries to find at least a small flow of clean water. Experienced fishermen claim that fishing for walleye in January will be absolutely useless in the pond of muddy water – a fish that does not tolerate. Can be caught in oxbows, pools, backwaters, or bays, where in the winter the water will be clean.

Fishing for walleye in January requires a very good and strong gear. The spinning should be elastic tip, which will raise the specimens weighing up to two kg, the rod Length may vary in the range of 60-80 cm fishing Line with a thickness of about 0.25-,0.35 mm will withstand weight up to 3 kg.

Trolling is carried out with a stiff rod equipped with a reel with a compulsory clutch – brake button. Experienced fishermen tend to have in your fishing kit 2 x rods curb. This is explained by the fact that fishing for walleye in January is unpredictable, so even a few lost minutes is considered a luxury. You can catch and imitation fish, but more effective is it trolling.

For walleye fishing in January using a narrow spoon with a length of not more than 9 cm Well proven lures, made of brass or white metal. From the variety can be identified such as a falling spoon, Scandinavian (ideal for period gluhozime), with a displaced center of gravity, balance weights. It is also possible for special tooling to stick the dead fish. The main condition in the trolling – clearly and to properly manage the bait, not allowing gear randomly hanging out in the water.

Tactics walleye fishing in January is very diverse, but the basis remains unchanged. Fast and smooth lifting the spoon after a sharp lowering of the spinner allows you to plan actively in the water. The most common is the following method. First, the jig is lowered almost to the bottom of the reservoir, and then, slightly moving, raise it to a height of 50 cm and returns to the original depth. After a 10 second pause repeated. This tactic walleye fishing can be used throughout the winter.

The walleye bite is felt the sudden heaviness hanging on the line. But sometimes the fish picks up the jig off the bottom or grabs her in a free fall, making the bite virtually invisible. It appears only a small weakening of the line. Then must follow a sharp cutting. Time to tackle fit small individuals who are unable to swallow a big spoon, so just tap on it. In this case, you can try to use a lightweight spinner. If after this, there was no biting, you need to go back to the first spoon. It happens that during the withdrawal of the walleye off the hook. The reason for this is too weak cutting. Therefore, to draw out walleye in January need without weakening the line. The only way to get out of the hole wasn’t even a bad cut fish. Very careful have to be when Zander is already connected to the hole. What happens is that because of the inexperience of the fishermen themselves knock the fish off the hook, striking her on the ice.

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