Fishing for walleye in February

Fishing for walleye in February — some fun. Probably because this fish is clever, whimsical, aggressive, and difficult to catch. In General, you need a lot of patience and skill to get her on the hook. This is a real challenge.

The perch belongs to the category of valuable commercial fish species. This predator can grow up to 120 cm and gain weight up to 20 kg. But this is rare, most often caught specimens weighing 3-4 kg pike perch prefers flowing lakes with minimal vegetation, with a sandy–pebble soil with a young sludge. The surge in activity of walleye observed twice a day, morning and evening. At sunrise, the predator moves to a depth of 2-4 m, and ten o’clock in the morning takes at a depth of 6-9 m. During the event, the reverse picture. This migration can only occur at a temperature of not less than 5, and in the frosty, cloudy days when the temperature is -10 walleye bite is very weak.

Fishing for walleye in February, there is a little bit easier, especially in clear weather. In late winter, when the sun warms up enough, perch sometimes take in the middle of the day, but at a depth of 6-9 m. In ponds where the water level falls, the walleye caught trolling. Winter perch moves a little, so rarely eats. Production prefer small sizes. This is due to the size of his throat and mouth. Prefers small roach, gudgeon, Dace. Their prey he’s stalking, he’s just a jerk.

Fishing walleye in February it is better to go with a company consisting of 3-5 people. So covers a large area of the pond to search for fish. Habitat perch at the end of winter does not change. He prefers snags, edge, steep curves of the bottom. Pike avoids great depths with a sharp increase in the thickness of the layer of ice. The essence of catching this fish in the winter, especially in February, is in constant search of the Parking lot. If the bite was gone for 10 minutes, to make a new hole. Thus, the fisherman is often moving at a distance up to 15 km. as soon As the pack discovered, immediately after the first bite will be followed by others within a radius of 20 to 200 m. Now the main thing is not to yawn!

The main lure for walleye fishing in February is a spinner. This is done with a rigid retractable rods. It should be made of sturdy and rigid material. The best winding diameter of the fishing line for working about 90 mm. With a need to have two or three equipped with fishing rods. The sudden onset of biting of time for the ligation of spinners from fishing will not be as biting a very short time. The best option spinners – brass or white metal. First, a spinner is placed on a distance of 15 cm from the bottom, and then accelerated, but not dramatically, to raise it up a bit. When the spoon will rise high, it is lowered and paused to stop vibrations. The essence of trolling for pike in the winter time and is the technique of the repetition.

In passive fishing walleye in February, the «deep» month, to be more successful for fishing are the baits not larger than 45 mm. Here you need a very smooth bait. Pike at this time rarely takes the bait while driving. Around nine out of ten bites occur in the full stop of the lure. In late February, when the snow on the ice melts, walleye become more active, and then play a bait more rapidly. The rise is about 50 cm In this case, the perch is enough at a time when the balancer takes place – is the most remote point on the axis vertical.

An important item of equipment for walleye fishing in February and a nod. It should be rigid metal. Optimal stiffness of nod can be determined using the deflection angle from the longitudinal axis of the rod under the weight of the lure in the water. It is about 40 degrees. With this nod, you can track the slightest bite.

Walleye like most fish, prefers silence. Try to keep the snow cover around the hole to keep out the light of day under the water.

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