Fishing for walleye in December

Walleye, many believe the stupid fish. The inhabitants of the coast of Volga argue that stupid fish is not found. Zander strong and agile, greedy, and especially persistent in pursuit of his prey. Chasing a victim, it is often popping up right on the beach. Therefore, for successful walleye fishing in December should be the most active. This fish leads the predatory way of life which differs little from the pike. Interesting is the fact that this predator is caught in the winter and immediately frozen, maybe in the dark to emit a faint glow.

Sudak – one of the most delicious carnivorous fish, it is catching not just fishing, but catching is a very valuable production, especially in the winter. In the process of walleye fishing in December should move through the reservoir is not random, but well remembering the places with the differences of depths and the hills of the bottom, with eyebrows. Because the perch is quite active fish, which does not change their habits even in early winter, and prefers to hunt in such parts of reservoirs.

Pike – fish, living in flocks, constantly moving in search of food. Schools of fry often emerge at the edge, and various irregularities of the bottom. When a fisherman knows at least some General view of the bottom surface of the reservoir, the faster he will get the coveted trophy. If fishing for walleye in the Dec is performed on a surface where the bottom is often flat, check all the holes available relief of this bottom. It is important to learn to find all Zander place during winter fishing.

The location and depth of capture of pike-perch are important to the angler. For example, when water depth of 6 meters, worth catching, starting with 3 meters, depth – 20 meters, catch better, starting with 6-7 meters.

Zander is quite strong and grows to a considerable size. The tackle you need to prepare serious. The rod should have a flexible tip that would allow you to raise loads up to 2 kg fishing Line, which is used for walleye fishing in December should be in diameter from 0.25 mm to 0.35 mm Spinning desired length up to 80 cm, equipped with a resilient nod. This equipment will allow to catch from pond fish weighing more than 3 kg

If you are going to catch walleye in the first month of winter, take the time to equip one for good bait. There are times when the fish begins to bite suddenly for a short time. And will be very sad to spend precious time on something to tie the spoon.

Lures for walleye fishing in December can be different from the balancers and amphipods, helicopters, vibrohvost and twisters. But formed after the first ice anglers mostly prefer convenient to use narrow spoons. Also used spinners, which are made of brass or white metal. For their equipment used tee, hanging it on the circle, adding red hairs.

Since mid-December, the biting of a pike is gradually deteriorating. But don’t worry, nothing will make this fish to starve to death. The animal bite throughout the year. Moreover, are fairly large specimens weighing up to 12 kg

This amazing fish is different from other kind of tenderness. She immediately falls asleep as soon as take it by the tail and shook slightly. And by placing it in the lake with a muddy bottom, the fish becomes blind, the eyes are tightened by a special film. Therefore, the relocation of this valuable predator is a rather difficult task.

Everyone who at least once had to catch walleye in early winter, you know that very often a successful outcome depends on the skill to tease the fish. In this case, the bait does not play a decisive role. Fishing for walleye in the December frosts is a science that requires the angler a significant skills, abilities and skill, and, of course, knowledge. Thus the process of fishing has a peculiar charm. No tail, no scales!

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