Fishing for walleye in August

Zander refers to predatory species of fish of the perch family, gluttony, to it can compete unless the pike. The walleye elongated head and body, greenish-gray back, white belly, and the sides of the body has transverse bands of brownish-gray color. Due to the natural mottled coloring of the fish can easily hide in ambush and surprise attack on an unsuspecting victim. Walleye – the fish is large, average weight 2-3kg, but this is not the limit. Large fish are solitary, small and medium – roam in packs. Their main diet is crabs, frogs, small fish. Young individuals prefer worms and insect larvae. The pike perch is found exclusively in fresh water.

In lakes most of the time Zander is at depth, rising to shallow waters during morning and evening dusk to hunt for small fish.

In the rivers walleye can be found around coastal cliffs and at the bottom of deep pools and pits. Most biting occurs in the evening, and sometimes even at night.

It is necessary to divide the catch of pike-perch into two types: river and lake (pond).

During river walleye fishing in August, remember that pike loves over, and then look for it in the water. Broad and sluggish current water big walleye will not. The maximum that You will be able to catch is small fry walleye, which was delayed here, because it is looking for fry and small larvae.

Be prepared for difficulties during the fishing pond walleye in August — will have to carefully to look for it! First, inspect areas of the pond with sandy and rocky bottom. Find walleye will be easier if You know where located at least a slight fossa or the edge of the riverbed is a favorite place to fish. Long standing in one place the pond the perch will not, as it needs food, and needs to periodically change the place of hunting. Therefore, if the August catch walleyeon the lake or pond is going to a big company of fishermen, they agree about their site search of migrating walleye. The first one to find the feeding place of the fish, shares information with other fishermen.

When choosing the size of the bait it is important to know one thing: the predator is very narrow throat. Therefore, if You intend to use a lure, take the model, which has a narrow body type «minnow» and a maximum size of 7cm. If you plan to use silicone vibrohvosta or twisters, the size of jig heads should be the smallest.

Technique walleye fishing in August does not differ from the technique of catching another predator (e.g. pike).

The main feature, as already noted, the need to use bait, which narrow the torso. When trolling, pick up it should be given the narrow dimensions of the throat of a predator. Take light and oscillating spinner. Lead lure should slowly and smoothly, without the use of metal leash. Don’t worry — the line perch no bites. I catch walleye by trolling with a stable convenient to boat as a large specimen can have quite a strong resistance. Usually, though, the walleye, caught on a hook, quite passive. Fishing for walleye without the use of means of transportation on water requires a good knowledge of the bottom topography or the ability to use sonar.

You can catch walleye in August with a ground rod or mugs. Install the gear in the evening and morning – catch ready! However avid fishermen recognized that this method of walleye fishing is not as exciting and interesting.

Fishing for walleye in August – fun, way to gather my thoughts and to relax in nature. Good luck with your fishing and big fish!

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