Fishing for walleye and bersha winter

As you know, pike-perch are caught almost all year round. Summer does not always have the opportunity to fish in promising areas because of the strong wind and waves. In winter is available anywhere on the pond. Therefore, in winter, the fishermen often catch just walleye. This trip is very interesting, besides home you can return to the causal catch.

In addition to walleye, caught and bersha.

This fish is very similar to walleye, however, they are distinguished by their habits and lifestyle. Unlike Zander, he’s slow, and won’t miss a bait. Bersh winters in small flocks at a great depth. The bulk of the time on the bottom and rarely comes up. Small perch gets on with it, so they winter together. What is surprising is that the Bursch «cunning» and enters the network, besides presses to feed him fish.

Perch is an active hunter, capable of one day several times to change the direction of the hunt. In spring and autumn lives at the bottom, moving dense schools on native riverbed. In winter, these flocks are divided into smaller ones and pursue white fish.

Now for the fishing.

For catching walleye using spinners (up to 30 grams of weight), 0.3 mm monofil and heavy spinners.

Where is the catch?

As you know, Bursch overwinters at great depth. It is therefore necessary to choose a place away from the shore. To catch Walleye more difficult. Here you need a little flair. Moreover, it is important to know the pond and be able to navigate. You need to know the location of indigenous riverbed.

If you have no experience can come close to the «flock» of fishermen. But not always a lot of fishermen indicates a good bite today. Perhaps the day before in this area he was, and now the fishermen are waiting for the continuation. But do not forget that the pike perch and bersh live in flocks and are constantly on the move. When fishing it is important to know where the flocks are moved. Move them and the fishermen. So it’s best not to delve into a range of fishermen, to watch their movement and move away 50 meters behind the direction of travel. If the fishermen do not move, you need to drill a few holes across the current and fish them in turn to identify more successful places (holes). It is not necessary to drill holes near some fisherman, as they won’t bite because with the jig he keeps the flock under the hole. Successful it will move 20 meters.

And now a little about the secrets of walleye fishing in the winter.

On the morning of walleye most active. Experienced fishermen looking for a more efficient space. For dinner, the walleye bite is less active, constantly moving, so you can find fishing difficult. Flocks gather in areas with anomalous topography (various pits, ditches, bumps, etc.) and in areas of the reservoir with many traces of minerals.

And finally, a bit about gear. When fishing for pike can be limited to only 2 rods. Some anglers use a whole dozen, but you can catch two much more. And one sometimes even more than two.

Good luck!


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