Fishing for tench

Like carp, tench is quite difficult for catching fish. Lazy enough gear regularly, but the capture of this fish quite often happens accidentally: Lin are biting as on the bottom and on the float rod.


Those who decided to hunt it on-line, should be ready for long-term, systematic and highly complex procedure which has no room for detail. As a rule, until mid-July this fishing brings the most significant results. In preparation for the spawn of laziness is coming to the coastal zone in search of food. And when you consider that the vegetation has not yet grown up, the fishing happens and rich catch and very comfortable.

Fishing for tench is very similar to the Karasino: habits of these fish are very similar. Tench, like the carp lives in warm water and in marsh and muddy waters. This is usually a variety of bays and small creeks. Are great swamp and the headwaters of the various ponds, the banks of which are overgrown with reeds, sedge and other vegetation. The fishing here is possible from the Windows thickets, or near reeds. The depth of the fishing Lin rarely exceeds two meters, in most cases, the depth is less than a meter. Therefore, the main principle when fishing for tench is absolute silence and a good disguise.

A major criterion in finding the optimal location for this kind of fishing is the air bubbles that rise to the surface during feeding. Noticeable they are quite good: warm, calm weather, are seen a series of bubbles rising here and there. This and evidence of feeding tench and gives the place its feeding. If such bubbles are visible among the thickets, or near the wall of reeds — this place is perfect for fishing for tench.

If the angler has the opportunity to use the boat, the chances of catching a serious instance increase substantially. The fact is that the most tasty linëvyy section of the pond is usually located in a rather swampy and overgrown with vegetation. It is very difficult to get through to the water, not to mention throwing rods. The boat is a solution to this problem. It allows you to easily reach any point of the reservoir. Besides, the chances are a hundred to your fishing spot will be occupied by another fisherman is minimized.

The best weather conditions for catching tench is a warm cloudy day with a slight southern or South-Western breeze. Will fit and clear calm day, when the reservoir is warmed. However, under these conditions, the bite shifted to the morning or evening.

Good luck!

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