Fishing for tench on float tackle (the bait)

Laziness – is a rare guest in corfs of fishermen. And all because deliberately this fish is virtually no catches. For the same reason and enough data about Lina and his fishing. Most novice anglers generally believe that a fishing line on a fishing rod is a fantastic thing. And for good reason. In fact, it can be caught as successfully as any other fish. It is important to know exactly where he prefers to live, and that applies to his favorite food.

The characteristics of

Lifestyle Lin can only be described in two words – sedentary and lonely. Despite its replaybility, this fish is always kept at the bottom and tries to avoid bright sunlight. Feed day a day, but during daylight hours its activity is markedly reduced, which affects the bite. So to catch better or in the morning – from dawn up to 8 hours, or evening – from 18.00 to sunset.

Summer Lin likes to hide in the shadows, in the underwater bushes that protrude above the water. In this regard, it is found in overgrown lakes and river inlets, stagnant ponds, marshes and small slow rivers. It rarely falls to a depth of over 2 metres, preferring to remain at the bottom of shallow quiet backwaters.

There is another fact to consider while searching for tench fishermen have noticed that more chances to find it on the same waters inhabited by carp.

Float tackle for catching tench

Fishing for tench using the usual float rod without any additional devices. The rod must withstand the load not less than 5-6 kg, because of the cut Lin, as a rule, has a strong resistance. Plus, it will draw out in the grass, in which he will try to confuse the tackle. Even small specimens weighing up to 500g will make a good sweat before they get into the landing net.

In addition to strength are desirable on the rod crossing the rings, and its length must be sufficient to cast on 8-10 meters. Enduring the line and the leash, with the same cross section (0.25 mm or even thicker). Hooks are selected based on the anticipated size of Lin. As for the float, then it is better to stay on the more sensitive models, which allows time to notice the «boring» bite. So the tench bite. It examines the bait, touches her lips, pushing his nose gently twitch, before pulling to the side or to the bottom. To wait for this, it is necessary to have a truly iron patience.

The choice of bait, bait for catching tench

Feed this fish digs bottom mud and often finds bloodworm and small crustaceans. But you can catch not only them. As bait for tench using manure worms, maggots, and Trichoptera. Don’t forget about artificial bait, because laziness is often the case on the dough, kneaded bread or mastyrka. If the pond is large specimens (more than 1kg), you should try to stick on the hook crayfish.

Regarding the bait is consensus in the fishing environment did not work. Some use sunflower meal (cake), and some claim that Lin attracted great cheese with a subtle vanilla aroma. But, anyway, the use of bait for tench in each reservoir is an individual matter.

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